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Weekly Update ~ 3/22/2019

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Capital Projects Update

Tax revenue from our Capital Projects Levy is at $11,254.79. I know that many of you are eager to see progress on actual building remodeling, but it is important to remember that we receive funding over 6 years. We can borrow against this revenue stream but only up to 1.9 million dollars and the levy cannot pay for the interest. After we receive the outcome of our energy efficiency audit we will have the information we need to determine a detailed plan for construction.

Powerful Teaching and Learning

  • Congratulations to Bobbi Catone who earned the designation of Certified School Business Specialist in Payroll on March 6th.

  • Bill Eagle from our ESD came again this week to work with our administrative staff. We are using Admin. TPEP grant funds to pay for this coaching.

  • The Healthy Youth Survey results are out and we are reviewing them now. I will share some of the key findings soon.

  • At the Thursday ESD 171 superintendent meeting, we learned about ESL programs (English as a Second Language) from several districts, had a presentation on negotiations, and received a legislative update. Representatives from Senator Murray’s office were also there to discuss federal education issues.


The HS track surface continues to degrade with several large cracks on the running surface. Mike Larson will be filling the cracks as soon as the temperature gets to a consistent 40 degrees or better. The Tonasket Booster Club is also looking into a community grant for track resurfacing. The grant has to be submitted by an organization outside of the school district.

Parent and Community Engagement

Tonasket Choice High School has completed their third round of student exhibitions for the year. They were held Thursday and Friday. Parents, staff, and community members participated as panelists for each student exhibition. Each student presented for 20 to 50 minutes about their work during the quarter which included their vision, goals, projects, what they learned and their plans for the future. Each student must present to a panel which includes a family member, a fellow student, a teacher, and a community member. Through being a panel member, you will hear about what our Choice High School Students are learning and how our new program, Big Picture Learning, is going. Using Chelsea’s words, “The quality and depth of these presentations is astounding!” The 4th round of exhibitions will be held on May 30 and 31.

TEA and PSE Updates

I met with TEA representatives in a labor management meeting on Monday. The topic we covered was clarifying seniority language. It was agreed that provisional employees retain their seniority rights when it comes to layoffs and transfers. This was not clear in the contract language. I highly expect that any staff reductions this year will come from attrition. This conversation was primarily in case we need to transfer any staff in the coming year.


  • In order to increase safety and improve traffic flow during afternoon elementary school student pick-up, we will be building a gravel staff parking lot behind the ES school and reserving all parking spots in front of the school for parents and visitors.

  • The weather has finally allowed for all spring sports to start competing, good luck to all our teams!

  • FBLA is selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts as a fundraiser. You have until March 28 to pre-order, contact Mrs. McCormick.

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