Facts about India then and now!

What do the people of India look like?

The people of India usually have dark or black hair and brownish eyes, skin color varies.


There are two types of religion native to India, Buddhism and Hinduism.

There are a few different kinds of Buddhism, but I will only list the top 2.

Religion Images and Discriptions

The Buddha's Enlightment

"..As he meditated, Siddhartha let go of all outside disturbances, and memories of pleasures from the past. He let go of all worldly thoughts and turned his mind to finding the ultimate truth about life. He asked himself: "How does suffering start? How can one be free from suffering?" At first many distracting images appeared in his mind. But finally his mind became very calm, like a pond of still water. In the calm of deep meditation, Siddhartha concentrated on how his own life had started. First, Siddhartha remembered his previous lives. Next, he saw how beings are reborn according to the law of cause and effect, or karma. He saw that good deeds lead the way, from suffering to peace. Then he saw that the origin of suffering is being greedy, which arises from thinking that we are more important than everybody else. Finally, he became completely free from thinking in a way that caused him any suffering. This freedom is called nirvana. So, at the age of 35, Siddhartha became the Buddha, the Supreme Enlightened One."

~Taken from BuddhaNet, Story Of The Buddha



Back then, empires were built and destroyed over a few handfuls of peppercorn. Spices were considered valuable among gold and jewels.

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