You have started the FSCJ transition & registration process!

Important Information for Students!

This newsletter contains a review of the information covered in Ms. Sambol-Tosco's class this week, your course requirements, and the next steps of the process. Please, review this entire newsletter and make sure you understand how this information applies to you.

A Brief Summary of High School Graduation Requirements

Typically, students do not complete high school graduation requirements until their senior year, even if they are in the Early College Program. Some of the high school graduation requirements are met through FSCJ courses. For more information, see the Registration Worksheet (goldenrod handout).

24 credits
  • 4 English
  • 4 Math - must include Alg I, Geometry, Alg 2, and a fourth math
  • 3 Science - must include Biology and two other rigorous science courses
  • 3 Social Studies - must include World History, American History, Government, & Economics
  • 2 World Language - must be same language, consecutive levels, same setting
  • 1 Practical/Performing/Fine Art - can mix-and-match courses and half-credits
  • 1 HOPE credit - HOPE is always referred to as HOPE, there are no substitutions. This credit can be completed at REL or through FLVS
  • 6 Electives - This can be any credit (half or whole) that did not count for another category.

Additional requirements
  • Complete a virtual instruction course. This can be completed through FLVS or through an online course at FSCJ.
  • Earn a level 3 on the 10th grade FCAT Reading test or a concordant score on the ACT or SAT.
  • Earn a 2.0 or high unweighted high school GPA. Note: Enrollment in college-level courses requires a 3.0 or higher.

AA Degree Requirements

Earning your AA degree requires 60 credit hours. 36 of these hours are considered "General Education" courses. These courses are outlined on the FSCJ website and in the Student Handbook provided in class this week.

Early College Continuation Criteria

Students must meet, continue to meet, the following criteria maintain enrollment in college-level courses:
  • 3.0 unweighted high school GPA (updated every semester)
  • 2.0 FSCJ GPA
  • College-ready Test Scores in Reading, Writing, & Math
  • Students may not earn more than one D, F, or W within one term at FSCJ. Students who post any combination of D, F, or Ws in one term will be required to return to Lee High School.
  • EC students are held to the same disciplinary procedures as other FSCJ students. Disruptions to the educational environment will not be tolerated and can result in students being denied access to FSCJ classes.

Note: Students may not enroll in college-level classes at FSCJ unless they meet all three of these criteria. This includes the test scores. Students may not enroll in courses at FSCJ without appropriate scores in Reading, Writing, and Math.

PERT Test - April 22!

Students who need to earn college-ready scores will have an opportunity to take the PERT test on April 22nd from 2:15-4:15 p.m. in the REL Auditorium.

Students may also opt to take the ACT or SAT to meet this eligibility criteria. Registration for those tests is available at or

Building a Student's Schedule

Course recommendations were provided for each student in class this week. Generally, students were given the following options to take:
  • ENC1102 or LIT2000
  • Math or Science class
  • Speech or Soc/Behav. class
  • Humanities course

Students should use this information, the FSCJ Student Handbook, and the FSCJ Class Schedules website to determine which class to take based on these recommendations. The "Open Class Search" handout will guide the course search process online. Students will write their course selections on the FSCJ Registration Form - Draft copy.

Students must remain aware of the following scheduling criteria:

  • Students may only register for four classes Fall semester.
  • Students may take up to one course online per semester.
  • There are only 5 seats available in each class for Early College students. These seats are assigned "first come, first served" during the registration process. Have alternate choices in mind when you register.
  • Students may not take a Math and Science course during the same semester Junior year.
  • Students may not take courses that meet on Fridays due to other activities they will be required to participate in as scheduled.
  • Students may take classes on any FSCJ campus.Transportation to and from these classes is not provided by DCPS.

Next Steps

After working out a schedule, the student will bring the FSCJ Registration Form - Draft Copy to the REL Media Center between 2:00-3:00 p.m. April 14-16th. Students who meet all three eligibility criteria will complete the FSCJ Registration Form - Final Copy at that time. Students who are still working to meet testing requirements will turn in the FSCJ Registration Form - Draft Copy.

Students who meet all Continuation Criteria (high school GPA, FSCJ GPA, & all three test scores) will bring their FSCJ Registration paperwork to the FSCJ campus on April 21st to complete the registration process. This is an in-school field trip. Transportation for this activity will be provided by DCPS.

A Note For Parents

Students will need your assistance this week with selecting classes for the FSCJ Fall Semester. Documents were provided in class this week that will facilitate this process. Parents, please resist the urge to "do the schedule" for the students. This is learning process and students really need to practice this skill. It may take a few bumps around on the FSCJ screens to find all of the classes they need, but better to practice now while they have support than to learn later by taking the wrong classes at your/scholarship expense.

Note: Transportation to the FSCJ campus is the family's responsibility. Transportation by the school's bus system is not provided for classes on FSCJ campuses.

IEPs and 504 Plans

Students who use accommodations as outlined in their IEP or 504 Plan must provide that information to FSCJ before classes start next semester. This is the student's responsibility and cannot be done by DCPS staff or parents. For more information, please see:

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

I will be available to provide scheduling guidance and answers in the REL Media Center from 2:00-3:00 p.m. April 14-16th. Please feel free to drop by during those hours if needed.

You can also email your questions or concerns to me:

Emailed to Sophomores & parents 4/10/14
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