Book by: Laurie Halse Anderson

Project by: Ariana Reyes


This book definitely is a book worth reading. If you're into Suspense, Action, Mystery, then this book is for you. The book "Chains" takes place in 1776-1777. That was a pretty long time ago, so you as the reader will get to see how different life was from that time period , to today.

Isabel, a thirteen year old girl was a slave in New York City along with her five year old sister Ruth. This wasn't the New York City we picture today, this was during war. Not just any war, this was during the Revolutionary War. Isabel and her sister belonged to the Lockton family. The couple didn't care for the American Revolution, and they cared even less for Isabel and Ruth. While Isabel was in New York she met a boy named Curzon, a slave who tried to encourage Isabel to spy on her owners, for some secret information. Isabel hesitates to do what Curzon says, and the unthinkable happens to her sister Ruth. Isabel knows that in order to help her sister she needs to get help immediately. What would you do if you were torn between two nations?

Specific information

Character analysis: Isabel was the main character in this book, and she was the one who told the book. That would make this book told in first person. Isabel is a loyal and Dedicated girl to both her job as a slave, and her job as watching over her sister.

Plot Diagram

Exposition: Introduction- Isabel lives with her sister in New York City in 1776 during the Revolutionary War.

Setting- The Setting takes place in New York City during the Revolutionary War in 1776-1777.

Characters- Isabel is a thirteen year old slave who is very hard working and loyal.

Ruth is a two year old who is loving and definitely has faith within her sister since she no longer has her parents as remodels for her life.

Curzon is a slave boy who is very courageous even through the hardest times.

Rising Action- The rising action occurs when Mrs. Finch dies and Isabel and Ruth's rights for freedom are said to be not true. When Mrs. Finch died, that causes the sisters to no longer have an owner. Ruth and Isabel are then sold to a rude couple, and they now have to travel from Rhode Island to New York.

Conflict: Mrs. Lockton believes that Ruth is possessed with a demon and sells her to a physician in Newport.

Climax: Isabel is beaten because she attempted to run away from her owner out of anger and frustration.

Falling Action: Curzon had got in trouble and was in the dungeon underneath City Hall, and out of kindness Isabel would come as often as she could to support him and be by his side, even when he got sick.

Resolution: Isabel and Curzon had made an escape plan to escape and get across to Jersey. In Jersey they were free, away from all the troubles. Isabel and Curzon were finally at peace.

Theme- The Theme I found in this story was to Get Back Up Even When You continue to fall down. This is a good theme for this story because Isabel came across many conflicts within that year, and even though she kept fall she shook it off and kept on walking.

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Why read "Chains"-Chains is a historical fiction book, and is full of action, and suspense. This book even won two awards, the national book award, and the Scott O'Dell award for Historical Fiction. Once you read the book you'll find out what a great plot this has, and great characters this book has.