Health and Safety Inspections

March 8th from 7pm to 8:30pm

How does it work?

1st: The RA will notify you 48 hours in advance - advising you when they will conduct the Health and Safety Inspection. Make sure to clean your vanity, bathroom, and shower and kitchen area and common area.
2nd: The RA will return as posted to inspect your suite. You do not have to be home, but if you can that is a bonus. Here is how it works:
  • The RAs will key into your suit
  • They will conduct the inspection
  • Leave a carbon copy stating if you passed it or not
3rd: You will then be given one more chance to clean failed items. The RA will return in 48 hours so you have time to clean the items.However, when the RA returns, they ARE NOT inspecting only the items you failed the first time – they are doing another thorough inspection.
4th: If you fail the second time – We will contact our professional cleaning staff so they come in and clean at your expense.

Things to consider that can make you fail...

Unauthorized (Not Allowed) Items:

· Open Coil Appliances (Toaster ovens, hot plates, electric skillets) (Sealed unit coffee makers and thermostat controlled hot pots and crock pots are allowed.)

· Refrigerators larger than those allowed by University Housing

· Candles (with black wicks)

(Candles with new wicks are acceptable)

· Oil Lamps

· Incense

· Pets (except for fish)

· Dart Boards

Improper disposal of trash:

· Is the trash overflowing?

Improper Food Storage:

· Where? Refrigerator, countertop, & bathroom.

Misplaced/Damaged furnishings:

· What is damaged?

· Where is this furniture located?

Misuse of electrical outlet/light fixture:

· Are there multiple surge protectors plugged into 1 outlet?

· Are there extension cords coming out of the light bulbs?

· Are the wrong types of bulbs in the socket?

Fire or other safety violation:

· Fire hazards, such as exposed wires

Unauthorized guests:

· Is there reason to believe that more than one individual may be staying in a bedroom?


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