Parkside Elementary Fourth Grade

March 7th - 11th, 2016


We are continuing to work in fictional literature again. That doesn't mean you can't and shouldn't enjoy reading non-fiction and informational text. Continue to keep those skills fresh by reading those text often.

Last week we worked on vocabulary and phrases- determining the meaning of words and how they are used in text. We'll work through some figurative language and also review the use of using tools/strategies to find meanings of words and phrases. This week we're digging deep into characters, settings and events. Who are characters in the story? Where are they? Did any major events happen to a character? Did the character change once the event happened- why so? These are just a few questions to ask as you are reading through your fiction literature.

Nightly homework is reading and logging it into agendas. Be sure to include the book title, pages read, minutes read (should be 40) and parent initials. Reading can happen anywhere- in the car on the way to sports practice, on the bus, waiting at a sibling's game- you name it! Have students record info into agenda and you can simply initial off before bedtime or before heading out the door the next morning. Vocabulary will soon be building into homework.

Cycle 3 literacy assessment/ mock EOG and test correction sheet have been sent home. This will be due on Wednesday, March 9, 2016.

A few great items for students to have in literacy include colored pencils, highlighters (4-5 different colors), sticky notes, glue sticks, pencils, erasers and earbuds. Many supplies in my borrow bins have not been returned and my supply is diminishing very fast. I told students to make sure they have supplies for them to be successful since my supply for them is now very limited. Double check with your child to see what supplies they may need. I know many students have headphones to use with our ChromeBooks, but I would like to encourage the use of earbuds (the ones that go in the ear). Students are taking the earbuds from class to class to class and use them often, therefore should keep them in a small baggie in their pencil pouch- it makes it a whole lot easier to travel with. Earbuds can easily be found at dollar stores.


This week we will be finishing up our Geometry unit with exploring symmetry in our geometric shapes, and identifying different types of triangles and their angles. Your child will take their unit test on Friday! This test will cover identifying and measuring angles, identifying different types of lines (intersecting, parallel, and perpendicular), symmetry, attributes of quadrilaterals, and triangles. Your child has several study guides to look over and study in their math notebook, ask them to share this information with you! Looking ahead next week, we will begin our fraction unit. In order to be successful in this unit, students will need to be able to recall their basic multiplication facts. Please continue to practice these facts with your child to keep them fresh on their minds.

Science, Social Studies and Health

Science, Social Studies and Health

Students will begin the study of Light, which includes reflection, refraction and opaque. We will use a menu for the first time which will allow students to move from one activity to another at a timely pace. The menu will include Science activities, reading comprehension, a science lab, two social studies notebook activities and extra activities for early finishers.

We will also be looking back at the "Preamble" to the constitution using a close reading. The students finished a look into the Gettysburg Address and can tell you what the first line "really means" in their terms.

For health a message from the nurse:

From Nurse Laura…

I wanted to reach out to parents at Parkside and let you know we are seeing an increase in illnesses in our students. These student’s symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, fever, chills and stomach pains. It is PRESUMED to be what is known as the norovirus. Norovirus is a VERY contagious virus and can spread quickly in closed places like schools.

You can get norovirus from an infected person, contaminated food or water or by touching contaminated surfaces.

Symptoms last 1 to 3 days but students can still be contagious up to 3 days AFTER symptoms have ended, so PLEASE keep your students home for at least 24 hours AFTER the symptoms have resolved.

The norovirus infection cannot be treated with antibiotics because it is a viral infection. Washing hands is EXTREMELY important because alcohol-based hand sanitizers may not be effective against the norovirus. If you have any questions please contact me 980-343-9915.

So, Keep sending in wipes and I will keep disinfecting nametags, pencils, desks, books and doorknobs.

Awesome Work by...

Way to go Marquise for his recent work in Science!!

Ta'Darius and Syna...we heard about that math test!!

Welcome to two new students...Eli and Serenity!

Leader in Me!!


Please remember to look at and sign your child's Leader in Me folder. Students who had good behavior and had their sheet signed recently celebrated by playing board games in the gym.

Fourth grade hopes to send everyone to the next celebration!

In the month of March we will be focusing on: Habit #6 –Synergize


* I value other people’s strengths and learn from them.

* I get along well with others, even people who are different from me.

* I work well in groups.

* I seek out other people’s ideas to solve problems.

* I know that “two heads are better than one”.

* I am a better person when I let other people into my life and work.

Someone who SYNERGIZES may say:

* I value other people’s strengths and learn from them.

* I get along well with others, even people who are different from me.

* I work well in groups.

* I seek out other people’s ideas because I know that by teaming with others, we can create better solutions than what any one of us could do alone.

What This Looks Like At School:

* Working cooperatively in groups and listening to other people’s ideas.

* Being a team player, sharing resources, passing the ball, etc.

* Including others in games we play.

* Creating group paintings or projects.

* Problem solving with others.

What This Looks Like At Home:

* Cooking together.

* Playing board games as a family.

* Helping with chores.

* Helping siblings.

* Planting a garden together and taking care of it.

* Putting puzzles together with friends or family.

Field Trip

Thank you to all that have made a payment toward our field trip. Our last and final payment is due Tuesday, March 15, 2016 for our NC Mountains trip. We are submitting FINAL numbers to the company that day and we receive our FINAL bus count. If you have not replied to your child's homeroom teacher about the trip (email or printed note asking are you attending, payment intentions, not attending and reason why) please do so immediately.

Each classroom has the minimum number of chaperones needed- Please don't forget to pay if your child's homeroom teacher has contacted you in regards to you being a chaperone. The cost for chaperones will be $40. We would love to accommodate more, however, at the moment we do not have any room on the bus for more. If you are interested in following by car it will be $40. This will be the cost for you to attend the activities with our group and chaperone. Please contact your child's homeroom teacher if you will be attending this field trip by following by car.

Payments need to be made for the trips via the Online Payment system located on the school's website.

1. Go to the school's website at

2. Look in the left menu for Online School Payment. Click one time.

3. A list of activities will come up for Parkside Elementary. You are looking for "Second Payment Fourth Grade Mountain Trip," or "Full Payment Fourth Grade Mountain Trip" and your child's homeroom teacher's name attached to the title. Click on your selected title.

4. Double check to make sure you are looking at the trip, teacher and then click add to cart.

5. Review your shopping cart. Click Check Out.

6. Sign In or Create a Username and password.

7. Once signed in, Add Student Profile with student name and student id#. Click Save Changes once all info is entered. Click next.

8. Complete Address, Payment and Review Order. Be sure to select payment agreement.

9. Click Place Order. Save the information for your records.

An email will automatically be sent to your child's homeroom teacher with a note that the trip has been paid for.

Payment Dates are:

-January 20, 2016 - First Payment for Grandfather Mountain and Linville Caverns ($20)

-January 29, 2016- Payment for Vulcan Materials ($6)

-February, 12, 2016- Second Payment for Grandfather Mountain and Linville Caverns ($30)

- March 15, 2016- Third/Final Payment for Grandfather Mountain and Linville Caverns ($30)

Upcoming Events...

March 7-11 – National School Breakfast Week

March 7-

PTA Board & SLT Meeting 6:30 PM

Lucky Grams on Sale

March 11 –

Individual and Class Picture Day

School Store Open 7:45-8:10 AM

March 14 – 18 -SPIRIT WEEK

March 14-

Super Hero Day

March 15-

Pajama Day

March 16 –

Dress Your Best Day

March 17-

School Pride Day

March 18 –

Hat Day

Parent’s Night Out (Movie Night)

M.A.P. Testing

Monday, March 7th Reading (10:05-11:25)

Wednesday, March 9th Math (10:05-11:25)