American Revolution

By: Jeremy Lim


Many famous American figures we know of today such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were patriots that fought against the British.

King George

Because he was the main cause of taxation on the colonies, the colonies revolted. A main reason the revolution occurred was because the colonies were outraged at the taxes that George was placing.

Role of Women

Women during the American Revolution were cooks, nurses, and cloth makers. However, few women helped with the war effort by actually joining the fight. Because women were not allowed to fight, the few that did had to change their appearance in order to look like a boy.

France and its role

France had a huge role during the war. They helped with the overall war effort and helped the colonists to victory. The French joined after the Battle of Saratoga, which was marked as the turning point of the revolution.

Patrick Henry

He was one of the most outspoken opponents of the Stamp Act. Henry debated and argued for the revolution, including his favorite line "Give me liberty or give me death," which is still remembered today.