King Midas The Great

Becca P. and YaJaira L.

The Golden Truth-Midas

King Midas is a god with a golden touch. He is very powerful but he can be dangerous to other people. There are many stories to how he got the golden touch. Only one is true. King Midas cared a lot about gold but the most important thing in his life was his daughter Aurelia. King Midas cared a lot of his daughter more than anything. One day King Midas met a man named Dionysus and asked him for “ The Golden Touch “ but Dionysus told him i could be very dangorous but he didn’t listen. Then he went back to his palace and things went wrong.

King Midas Is The King Of GOLD

King Midas got his golden touch by Dionysus and it went totally wrong. After he left to go back to his palace he wanted to try his power it worked. Then he went back to his house and he gave his daughter a big hug, but then his daughter turned into solid gold. He went straight back to Dionysus he begged and pleated. Dionysus couldn’t fix it but something can. It was the water ing the near by river. Then when he arrived at the river he jumped into the water and just sat there ha got out of the river and the power was all gone, he was upset that he had no power but at least he was safe.

Similarities and Differences

King Midas: 1. He is a king 2. He lives in a palace 3. He has a special power 4. He has his own servents 5. he was special.

Similarities: 1.They are human 2. They are both famos 3.There both respected 4. They had a lot of friends 5. They are both important.

Harry Styles: 1. He is a singer 2.He is alive 3. He can trust people 4. Doesn"t have power 5. He is a normal person.

Interview with King Midas

King Midas, did you ever think that you would harm people?

I did not think that I would harm people.

Did you daughter ever get scared of you?

Yes because she thought she was going to turn into gold.

Why did you like gold so much?

I liked gold a lot because it gave me more wealth.

Did your daughter ever ask who was the person who gave you the golden touch?

No she never asked who gave me the golden touch.

Did you ever think of stop loving gold?

No I did not think of stop loving gold.

Do you feel that you have changed since you got the golden touch?

Yes now i need to be more careful with everyone.

Do you remember told you that you were going to have the golden touch?

Yes i do remember who told me that i was going to have the golden touch.

Who gave you the golden touch?

Dionysus gave me the golden touch.

Have you tried to harm anyone with your power?

No I haven't and i wouldn't want too.

How do people react when they see you?

They react by getting worried or getting away from me.

Why did Dionysus give you the Golden Touch?

He gave me the golden touch because I really liked gold.

Why do you like gold a lot?

I like gold a lot because its shiny and it gives me wealth.

At what age did you start liking gold?

I started liking gold when I became a king.

How did you become so powerful?

I became powerful by the gold and money.

Did you ever get tired of liking gold?

No never.

Did you ever feel like you shouldn't be around people?

Yes because I can be harmful.

Did your daughter tell you to stop loving gold?

Yes because I couldn't control myself.