VTSD Tech News

End of Year Tech News for Parents and Students



See below our plans for the end of the school year for Chromebooks. Please note that the grades below refer to our current 20-21 school year (i.e. if your child is currently in 3rd grade in this school year, they will return their Chromebook and charger).

  • PK-3rd grade students should return their Chromebooks and chargers before the last day of school. Teachers can collect the Chromebooks and leave them in their room. The IT Team will come to pick up all devices. If your child needs to use their device up to the last day of school (for testing, virtual classes etc), please return the device during the week of June 21st.
  • 4th-11th grade students should keep their Chromebooks for the next school year. Next year's 4th thru 12th-grade students will travel between home and school with their Chromebooks the way they did this school year.
  • Seniors may keep their Chromebooks. The Board of Education voted to gift the Chromebooks to the graduating students. Students will need to complete this form so we can remove their Chromebooks from our systems. Seniors that want to transfer the content of their vtsd.com account can use Google Transfer.

For next year's 6th and 9th grade students, we will contact your student once we have their new Chromebooks available (this could be the end of August or sometime in September). At that time, the 6th and 9th-grade students will trade in their old Chromebook to receive their new ones.


If you borrowed a mobile hot spot from the district and no longer need it, please return the hot spot to us. You can bring the mobile hot spot to your child's main office and the IT Team will collect them. If you borrowed a mobile hot spot and still need it (if you have limited or no Internet access at home), you may continue to use it over the summer.


If you or your student have any trouble over the summer (i.e. password resets, broken Chromebooks, etc), please fill out a ticket on our online helpdesk system: https://vtsdsupport.on.spiceworks.com/portal/tickets

Someone from our IT Department will reach out once a ticket is entered. For more about our technology at VTSD, visit www.vtsd.com/tech