Student Publications

Not just your average class!

Why should your child participate in this class?

  • They will get to be the voice of the school and contribute to stories that they will treasure in the future.
  • Your child will get to perfect their writing schools.
  • They will also develop critical thinking skills.
  • Your student will gain knowledge of graphic design elements.
  • Lifelong friendships will be built between your child and their peers as well as with me.
  • More PIZZA than other classes!


  • Students are expected to behave properly at all times.
  • Rules stated in the MDCHS handbook will be enforced, however, because of the nature of yearbook, some exceptions will be made. For example, Yearbook students may be given permission to eat and drink in the classroom.
  • They will also be allowed to leave the classroom when working on stories, getting information or taking photos. Students may never take advantage of the pass system by doing anything other their Yearbook task.
  • The MDCHS tardy rules will be enforced. Students must be in their seats when the bell rings.
  • Use of the computers for anything other than Yearbook, without permission, is prohibited.


  • As much work as possible will be done in class. Yet, these classes can require some extra work outside of the class. Interviews can't always be done during school, and sometimes putting together a layout takes time after or before school. Luckily, much of this can now be done online. So if a student is unable to attend a "layout party" they won't be punished, but they are expected to complete the work on their own beforehand.
  • Students responsible for pages in the book will be able to access them in Herff Jones E-design on their computers at home or wherever there is internet access.
  • Students may cover events at school and possibly off campus and they will have to attend these activities. (They will not have to pay for any activity they are covering for Yearbook).

Personal Note

  • Classes like Yearbook or Journalism may well be the most challenging class your child takes. It will probably be the most rewarding. Few things can match the intense pride and feeling of accomplishment experienced when a book or newspaper is produced that will be cherished for many years to come. These classes enable your child to learn an entire business as well as many other disciplines such as organization, cooperation, responsibility and working under pressure. It involves many hours of work, yet in the end, every member of the staff feels it was well worth it.

Guaranteed to be a good time!


If you have any questions as the semester goes on, please feel free to send me an e-mail!