Under the Sea


  • Live up to 60 years
  • Length: 13 feet
  • 1,300 lbs
  • "Snorting" noises
  • At most 6 teeth per side of the Jaw
  • Use Lips to Eat, get food
  • No incisor or canine teeth
  • Older teeth lean towards the front to fall out
  • Grow new teeth regularly
  • Swim up to 19 mph
  • Extremely intelligent towards following directions
  • Herbivores



  • United States and India
  • Lives in the Ocean
  • Prefers warm weather



  • Thick Skin
  • Good sense of hearing
  • At least 5 mph during regular swimming, 50 mph in short burst
  • Intelligent


Reason for Extinction

  • Propellers on the back of boats
  • When a Manatee faintly hears this noise they try to see where it is coming from. Which is problematic because they head straight for the propeller
  • The average propeller as enough force to cut a baby Manatee in half.
  • The average Manatee has 50 cuts from a boat propellers
  • Other causes are: getting tangled in a crab net, swallowing string, swallowing fish hooks


Food Chain

  • Eats Mangrove Leaves, turtle grass and different types of Algae
  • Herbivore
  • Only Predator is the Shark

Critical Information

Manatees are another special endangered animal that plays a big part in the food chain. Manatees keep the underwater plant population to a medium. Manatees are often illegally hunted for their meat and skin.
Whats being done:
Where manatees are known to reproduce, boaters are not aloud to go or produce wakes. Manatees are being protected by law and it is illegal too feed them, harass them of kill them as of 1975.

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