The Exploration of Space!

By: Anna Adcroft

Science- Space Exploration!

Clarifying Objective: 6.E.1.3 Summarize space exploration and the understandings gained from them.
The Space Rap - "Out Here in Outer Space"

Space! A Kids Book about Space by: Brian G. Johnson

This a very engaging nonfiction book that introduces the exploration of space to readers of all ages. It is a picture book but also includes a lot of real information that is interesting. This book includes, fun facts, pictures about outer space exploration, famous astronauts and their contributions to our knowledge about space today and vibrant pictures that are eye catching for students. This book is packed with information about space, history of cosmic exploration, discoveries of the universe beyond Earth and intriguing information about NASA. Students will love this engaging insight to Space!

"Water Found on Mars"- Time for Kids

This is a interactive article from, Time for Kids that describes the NASA discovery of water flowing on Mars! Students will love learning about the exploration of this evidence. This article gives all types of students the chance to read and discover facts that will create deeper thinking! This article is current and it will spark an interest in students which will allow them to relate the exploration of space to current time!
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Space Videos! - Video Gallery

This website is a great kid-friendly tool for students to access numerous videos about space and become scientists!

Students are able to navigate through real, current images of space each day! This gives learners the chance to see exciting images and relate them back to the exploration!