Best and Worst Of 2015

These are opinions that use facts about the products.

The Worst Piece of Technology

Starting out on a bad note, the Swagway X1 is by far the worst piece of technology that has been invented. The creators of this product described it as a hover board, but yet it has wheels and rolls around.

The Swagway has also made its way onto the streets, going fast enough for a low speed limit. Because of complaints that the Swagway is not legally a car, some cities have banned them from the streets, along with some airlines following in their path.

However, the biggest flaw in these things is the risk of exploding. Many people who were riding on them noticed it smoking and soon catching flame, then just a little bit later, the Swagway exploding. A major turn off if you plan to buy one.

The Best Piece of Technology

When you're wanting to take to the skies and get some amazing shots of the landscape, the DJI Phantom 3 drone should come to mind. Unlike most drones, which are jammed tight with motors, processors, and a huge body, the DJI is small, compact, and very powerful for it's small size.

The drone's camera is very clear as well, capturing HD photos with ease. Many buyers were satisfied with the drone, with their only flaw being the app the drone comes with, which allows you to see through the camera. Buyers described it as losing connection more than it should, which could be bad if you fly it into the water or a building and it breaks.

Many drone experts have said for it's size and price, it's a reasonable drone, but there are many other drones that are far more superior than this model.