Jordan Paden

Personal Reflection

About Me

I am a junior majoring in Elementary Education specializing in Special Education. I love working with kids, as I've been a nanny for my 3 kids the past 5 years watching them grow up! As well my friends and family mean the world to me, for they have been there for me through everything. I am in the fraternity Kappa Alpha Theta, and have some of the best friends I will ever have in the house love every second of it! I really enjoy being active, playing and watching all kinds of sports, especially soccer which I've been playing sense I was 3. Then two other things I love doing is photography whether it be small sessions for families, kids, ect. or of my brothers sports, beautiful nature. Capturing that perfect picture the one that speaks a thousand words only by looking at it, even if it's just one, there's that excitement. It's a passion that I hope to do on the side of teaching not just cause it's some extra money, but because it's a passion, it's telling a story in a single moment. This is me the little things matter the most to me!

Importance of being healthy and active

Being physically active as well as eating healthy is very important to me. For many reasons, I have become passionate in these two areas though my main reason is because of my Crohn's disease of which I have been battling for 10 years. Due to my disease I have found the eating healthy and non-processed foods makes me feel better, as well as being physically active is my way of reducing stress, a time where I am able to get away from everything that stresses me out. At times I haven't been able to work out due to my Crohn's because of pain, which comes and goes, though at those times I have gone to many yoga classes and stretching to help reduce stress. As well with the kids that I nanny I have always been keeping them up and active. Whether it was going on long bike rides while I run with the youngest in the stroller, or playing games of baseball in the front yard. I think it important to keep the kids really active for they are our future and they have more energy, it keeps their brains moving, bodies active.

Health Interests

I am honestly very interested in everything with that is health related. Whether it be physical activity, nutrition, personal health and wellness, or mental health and safety. I find it all very interesting, and important to know as a future teacher as well as for myself. I think it is really important for teachers to hold ourselves to higher standards because we are who the children, our future, they look up to us and see, so if we are physically fit and healthy, bringing it into the classroom will help our children of the future.

Gaining knowledge

I will make an effort, strive to learn as much as I can in this class. Then later bringing it into my future classroom later on. I will be participating even if I feel dumb or don't feel well. Working with my classmates to learn as much as we can together.