Damian Sandoval

Luxury Cars


What would you do if you had a million dollars? Well you wouldn't be able to buy a Bugatti, because they are one of the most expensive cars that money can buy, along with the mustang and corvette.

The Bugatti

The Bugatti cost $1.3 million dollars and can reach an outstanding 235 miles per hour. When you first lay eyes on the Bugatti you shiver, because of the way the light shines off the hood of the car. When you start it, it sounds like a monster truck, getting ready to go.

In conclusion if you are looking for a top notch car the Bugatti, corvette and mustang are the cars to get.

The mustang

The 2013 Mustang cost $22.200 and up and is one of the best cars to buy. The Mustang can reach an outstanding speed of 190 miles per hour. When you turn the car on all you want to do is rev the engine.


The 2014 Corvette cost $51.000 and can reach a speed of