Mustang News: Aldine 9

Information Literacy Specialist: Miriam Thomas

Digital Check Spotlight


This is the first edition of Digital Check Spotlight, providing students and teachers with information on Literacy Media Services. We will spotlight the latest trends in digital library technology and education. This issue will focus on databases that are available through the library, which can be used for research. As your new librarian, I look forward to working with you all. Let’s make it a “resourceful” year. Ms. Thomas

ABC-Clio Social Studies Databases

This is a great source of information for teachers and students. The database provides information on Humanities, History, and Geography that are aligned with the TEKS. This database provides various issues, discussions, and images of historical importance. There are links to search in American Government, American History, American Geography, and World History: The Modern Era.


Informational Database

This database provides a wealth of informational resources on our global community. Students can research in the World Edition, Kids Edition, States Edition, and Provinces Edition where they can find out about the people, history, economy, and more of cities, states and countries.