Media and Me

Shaping Our World

What media is not...

I believe media isn't a thing but rather a place. I like to believe media is a place where people can share, upload, download, and discover the latest and greatest current events and shocking moments in history. I think media is a sort of loop. It makes sense this way because what do you think the phrase “stay in the loop” means? People are social creatures, and thus socially bound to talk and communicate to one another. Every day we go through our daily routine talking and exchanging information with one another, no matter how trivial. We all have this desire to stay in the loop, some more than others.

Media affects us whether we are aware of it or not. As we carry out our day we are constantly bombarded by news and unimportant details we like to chit-chat about. It makes us feel normal and less socially awkward. Media is a place where we can get away from our reality and dive into someone else’s life. Media is a place where normal people like you and me can become anonymous and free to do whatever. Media is a place where we write our own stories and if we dislike the ending, we simply write a

new one.

I believe if media were a place it would be like Disney World. Disney World isn't just one place, but a collage of places. At one end you have Adventureland and then on the other you have Tomorrowland, around the corner you have Fantasyland. At the center of it all you have the Magic Kingdom. In terms of media though, I believe these all represent the sort of worlds we live in, all in an effort to “stay in the loop.” Today's ideas shape tomorrow’s future.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

What Does it Mean?

Budweiser in the Super Bowl commercial, "Puppy Love", portrays a puppy bonding with a horse. Budweiser supports their commercial by connecting our emotions with a cute puppy, creating an emotionally memorable commercial. Budweiser's purpose is to show how a memorable video will lure us into buying their products (made people want puppies, not beer). Budweiser made this video in a cute and empathetic tone for adult women.

A True Universal McDonald's

For the benefit and possible profit of all McDonalds' around the world and for clarifying and establishing a uniform and unbiased system for customers far and wide.

by Connor Hickey


It has come to my attention that companies everywhere in the United States are conforming and adapting to a single theme or idea. Take Apple for example, all their products look exactly the same and no matter where you buy said product, it will be identical to anyone else's who bought the same thing. Windows is doing this too (kind of). Now if you wish to buy a laptop, you automatically get Windows 8 with it. My point? Trends are started and there is no more comparing!

If say one day you were to wake up and find everyone walking around with similar bright pink watches, then you're going to want one of those watches. You're not going to buy just any watch. You're going to want to buy the watch everyone else seems to have. That means same color, same shape, and yes...same brand. People will spend copious amounts of money for not so much the product, but rather the name or logo that comes with it. Beats and Apple have done this and McDonald's should do this as well.

It's a little bit trickier with food seeing as one cheeseburger isn't going to be perfectly identical to another, but first we can start with the actual restaurant itself. People will always have preferences, so start by eliminating those preferences. It's like owning five ice cream trucks where they all look similar and serve vanilla. People won't care which one they go to anymore because it makes no difference to them, they just want ice cream. So I propose you start by making all McDonalds' the same looking fast food joint.

After this is accomplished, there is only one thing left and that is the menu. Ever notice how some choices have the word "Mc" in front of the name but others simply don't? This won't do. Let us give them all that prefix. Doing so creates an illusion of similarity. The food might be completely different but everyone will be so caught up on that prefix to even notice. Customers will be all like, "Hey what ya got there?" "Oh, I just bought me a McDouble." "Yeah well I got myself some McCheeseburger with some McLargefries. It was their special McWambocombo." "Pretty good except, I got a McPony. In your McFace!"

But why stop there? Let's not do this haphazardly, everything should be "Mc". "Wanna bite of my McBrick?" "Nah, I actually gotta bad case of the McGurgles. I gotta use the McBathroom and take a McS!@#." This little scheme will catch on and before long people everywhere will not just subconsciously be talking about McDonald's, catching all sorts of attention, but will in turn want to come back for more McCombos, McPonies, and McBricks. At night, people will be praying to McGod now before bed all because of this McRevolutionary plan.

Obesity will rise no doubt, but people will be lovin' it because it's not's McJiggly. And for those in the right mind to see through this scheme and shake their heads at all the McGullible McJigglies, congratulations! You are not a McJiggly! See? The smarter more intelligent human beings get to relish in their healthy slender bodies, sit back, and watch all the McStrokes and McStomachpumps take place! This brilliant plan just put into effect good ole McNatural selection, thus solving the McOverpopulation problem, prevented a few McHeadaches, and made a McProfit all at the same time. For those who would want to sue simply can't because, well, they are in the McHospital getting their McStomach pumped at the moment.

But wait, there's more! For all the Mc Jigglies who are not currently McPushing daisies, but stuck in the McHospital bed hooked up to their McLife support, McDonald's will be making it McRain by McDelivering their food to the hospitals! McDonald's can take advantage of this McGolden opportunity to cure everyone of their McGiggle by feeding them their food. This will call for a slow McRecovery which in turn means more McCatering which then means more McMoney! This is the vicious cycle of McDonald's, the McCircle of life, the McBig picture of what McDonald's could be.

Capital Punishment

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RMS Titanic Rewritten

CAPE RACE, N.F., April 10. -- The Titanic departed Southampton in southern England at noon, April 10, 1912 and was due to arrive in New York City on April 15. Along the way, stops were made in Cherbourg, France to collect continental passengers and Queenstown, (now Cobh) Ireland to pick up mail and additional passengers, mostly emigrants to the US. About 5 days into the Titanic's voyage reports of a close call were being released. While carrying about 1,200 passengers, the Titanic came within a few feet of a massive iceberg, after which she continued her onward. Passengers believe that even an iceberg couldn't stop a ship as big as the titanic while others are just relieved due to the chance that it could have been a lot worse. The captain at the time (Edward John Smith) reported the minor incident and took the opportunity to make sure that in the event of a disaster every passenger has the tools and resources they need for a safer trip such as adequate supply of blankets and life boats. The Carpathia, the Baltic and the Olympic all met up with the Titanic after receiving the distress signal that the Titanic almost got in a wreck just to assess the damage and make sure everything was alright. After which, she was able to continue on her voyage with no problem.

First News of the Arrival.

The first news of the Titanic's arrival to New York was received! The Titanic had reached its destination at about 6:20 A.M. on April 17. While weighing 52,312 tons was first man made unsinkable ship to have crossed the Atlantic and arrive safely at New York.

*I chose to rewrite Titanic because if the Titanic never sank, then they wouldn't have made a freakin' movie over it. After watching something 10 times you tend to dislike it, whatever it is.

Kodaline - Lose Your Mind [Lyrics]

1984 Theme Song

Lose Your Mind could be used as a theme song for 1984. My reasoning for this is because of both the song's lyrics and mood deliver both an unrealistic feel and powerful message. This song refers to Winston's feeling to Julia prior to them being captured and completely altered. "I'm dreaming up a world with you" is a direct reference to Winston's ideal world with Julia. The same world he sees in the glass paperweight. "Feeling like a plastic bag, spinning 'round but slowly going nowhere fast" could be a reference to the Party's control over all the people including Winston and Julia. "Loosen up and lose your mind" can be taken different ways. It could refer to the fact that you would have to be crazy to betray the Party to love someone or that the Party, once they catch you, insist you lose your mind and forget everything you thought you knew about life and the Party. Furthermore, that line is followed up with "you never know what you could find on the other side." This could also be seen two ways. It can be seen through Winston's eyes where he insists there is more to life than what the party feeds them and the truth is out there or it can be seen through the Party's eyes. They might contend that life could turn out well for you so long as we completely change you and your way of thinking. The very end of the song says "All of the things that made you feel better, you should write it all down and put it in a letter." This could refer to Winston's diary. Throughout the book, anything that bothered Winston he would end up writing it down in a diary. So this line is just a way of showing exactly how Winston managed to cope with life and maybe just kept him from losing his mind.

Media Literacy Reflection

Taking this Media Literacy class has been an eye-opening experience for me. Personally, I’m not a fan of any Language Arts classes because they are not my strong point. This class, however, did not feel like any other LA class I took over the course of high school. I think this class was much more than reading and DGP (Daily Grammar Practice). I felt as if this class taught us some valuable lessons and more importantly, taught us just how to think. No other class I took really left me with something to think about and use through life.

In the very beginning we all practiced writing essays and précis. I always considered myself to be a mediocre writer, but one lesson I learned from this class that no other Language Arts class have taught me was to just write. All other teachers I know stress the importance of prewriting and brainstorming whereas in this class, I learned to just write as if I were talking to someone. And guess what? It worked. I feel as if my writing skills and ideas flow much easier now that I can disregard a cookie-cutter essay formula and do it my way now. Even now as a type this there’s not a whole lot of thought going in to what I’m going to say, I just say it.

As the class progressed we were introduced to new and relevant topics. Some of these topics included the dissection of what goes into a newspaper article and how people take these articles for their face value. We also touched up on the power of our government and how we, if nothing is changed, can fall under the influence of manipulation and complete surrender of our privacy and freedom. I’m not going to explain exactly how that can happen because that would require me to rewrite and reteach an entire subject we learned in school. The point I’m trying to make here is this. Taking this class has made us smarter. Not smarter as in we simply know more than we did prior to the class…any class will do that to you, but smarter as in the lessons we learned here can and are applicable in real life. I guess you can say I feel wiser than I did before. I think this class is already very insightful, so a way to improve on it would be to keep everyone awake and engaged. I feel as if everyone can get something useful out of the class if they paid more attention.