Genetically Modified Food


Is eating GMFs bad for you?

Turns out that GMFs are not bad for you. According to Dr. Harvey Glick "It had been studied by 31 different regulatory agencies in 17 different country's around the world and all of them have came to the same conclusion that these new crops as safe as the convential version of those crops." With these new improved foods it seems rather odd that scientists have put a fish gene into a tomato so it doesn't freeze. With GMFs like that we can produce more and more better tomatoes or crops every year. Also a organically grown papaya which has ring spot virus in which people eat all the time but with scientists have put a tiny piece of the DNA in the ring spot virus into the papaya to make it immune to it and therefore a healthier plant.

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What are the benefits of GMFs

Some benefits of GMFs are

· Sturdy plants able to withstand weather extremes

· Drought-tolerant and salt-tolerant crops

· Better-quality food crops

· Higher nutritional yields

· Inexpensive and nutritious food, such as carrots with more antioxidants

· Foods with a longer shelf life, like tomatoes that taste better and last longer

· Food with medicinal (nutraceutical) benefits, such as edible vaccines – for example, bananas with bacterial or rotavirus antigens

· Disease- and insect-resistant crops that require less pesticide and herbicide – for example, GM canola.

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The risks of eating GMFs

The risks of eating GMFs is there could be allergenic which could range from being minor to life threatening. Also, there may be a chance of "Antibiotic resistance" which is saying that "One such marker gene is for resistance to particular antibiotics. If genes coded for antibiotic resistance enter the food chain and are taken up by human gut micro flora, the effectiveness of antibiotics could be reduced and human infectious disease risk increased." So the gene that they put in can make your body become immune to certain antibiotics and can increase disease and Cross contamination is big as well. "Plants bioengineered to produce pharmaceuticals (such as medicines) may contaminate food crops." so certain genes can contaminate food crops which can be used for medicine.

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I think GMFs should be labeled

I think that GMFs shuold be labeled because there are a lot of risks that can occur if people do not know what the food went through. For example someone could be allergic to a certain gene of a food and if the food there going to eat has the gene in it to help the plant it could kill them. Also some people just like eating food that has NO GMFs and if its not labeled they could be eating it. Also, "Genetic modification raises significant ethical, cultural and religious concerns regarding the origin of the Generic material used." This is simply saying there can be certain genes of plant they cant eat because of cultural, religious or ethical reasons.