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Congratulations! We would like to officially welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year! It is an exciting time to live, learn and grow at Grand Valley High School. Of course it is widely known that we are experiencing some historical and unique times. This year brings some changes for our students, parents and community as we continue working towards creating an environment where EVERY student is successful. TOGETHER, we will make 2020-2021 the best year yet no matter the circumstance!


We are EXCITED to have and welcome our Freshmen to GVHS! Due to the new restrictions this year we have planned "Freshman Orientation" for the first day of school. There will be plenty of staff to help students find their first class. There will also be time for questions and a tour so students can get used to the building.


Student Safety during COVID:

This is an extraordinary year, with obstacles we have not previously encountered. For the remainder of the COVID 19 Pandemic, there are numerous safety precautions we will follow to ensure student, staff and community safety. We are dedicated to returning to school as normal as possible. We believe in-person learning and socialization are key in developing a great education. We will follow all local and state-level mandates. The Garfield 16 Plan for Reopening Schools can be accessed directly using the links below.

Parking and Building Entry (BEFORE 7:40am)

Please see the parking and entry map below. The purpose of specific entry points was to limit waiting in lines and to enter the building efficiently. (Please only enter at your designated area.) Once in the building, students are asked to report to their class.

Before entering the building, individuals will have their temperature checked and will be asked a series of symptom screening questions. A person with a temperature higher than 100.4 will be asked to return home. The district will notify either their parent/guardian or for staff, their direct supervisor. Fever is defined as a temperature of 100.4 or above.

If a person answers yes to any of the following symptoms, they will need to return home for

further monitoring by their personal physician.

Symptoms for now include:

Dry Cough

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Severe muscle aches

Sore throat

New loss of taste or smell

Congestion or runny nose

Nausea or vomiting


(Please only enter at your designated area. If school is already in session, all students will use the main entrance.)

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New Students to the District Only: Register at the District Office Tuesday-Friday (8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)

Parents and guardians only need to register their child if they are new to the district. If your child attended Grand Valley Middle as an 8th-grade student then we already have all your information. The district office is located at 460 Stone Quarry Road Parachute, CO 81635
New Student Registration Packet

Print and return to the DISTRICT OFFICE.

Free and Reduced Lunch Packet

Please fill out even if you do not think you qualify. We thank you as your effort supports grant writing and funding initiatives district-wide.

Student Schedules

Student Schedules are available through the Infinite Campus portal. If you have trouble logging in or need assistance please call the GVHS office at 970-285-5705. If you have questions about your schedule please email academic advisor Jeff Johnson and he will contact you as soon as he can.

(Click "Welcome Back" video below for explanation on 2020-21 schedules)

School Supplies

Will be posted on our website. Select the teacher then select their school supply list.

Bus Routes

In an effort to even out busloads and to achieve quicker drop-off times, some bus routes have changed. Please click the button below. If you have questions please call the Transportation office at 970-285-5700 ext. 5130. ALL students riding the bus during the 2020-2021 school must have a completed "Transportation Waiver" signed handed to the bus driver on the first day. (See button below)
Transportation Waiver

Assumption of risk and waiver of liability agreement for communicable diseases, including COVID-19

Important Upcoming Dates:

September 2020

Tuesday, September 1st:

First Day of School! First Bell Rings at 7:30

Wednesday, September 2nd:

Thursday, September 3rd:

School Pictures (packets will be sent home on the first day of school)

Friday, September 4th:

Grand Valley High School Athletics

Grand Valley High School Athletic Practice for Cross Country has begun. If you would still like to participate please see Mr. Walck. In order to practice, athletes must complete all the required paperwork to practice: Activities Handbook, Current Physical, XLNT Brain Test, Copy of Insurance Card or Waiver, Parent Code of Ethics and Activity fee paid. All materials must be turned in at the same time.

The XLNT Brain test is to be done online, with the balance portion of the test done at the district office.

For any further questions please contact the GVHS Activities Office. 970-285-5705

GVHS Activities Handbook 2020-2021

Print, sign and return to the GVHS main office if you plan on participating.


2020 Cross Country Schedule

The most current update of this schedule can be found at


For all the up-to-date information please BOOKMARK our website!


Student Use of the Internet:

Student Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications (District Policy: JS*) - Given that the benefits outweigh the risks, the District will provide appropriate Internet access to each student, unless that student's parents/guardians have indicated in writing that they prefer to deny their child such access.

Responsible Use Agreement (District Policy JS*-E-1)

Internet Use Opt-Out Form

I do NOT want my child to use the Internet. (Print and return to the GVHS office)

Student Image Publishing:

Student Image Publishing (District Policy: JRA/JRC-E-3-) Classroom activities and school events are sometimes photographed or videotaped by the school or media groups (newspaper, television, university, district public relations, etc.) In addition, the district or school may want to post articles, video, or photography on district or school websites.

If you DO NOT want your child’s photograph, video, and/or electronic image to be published for news media or school publicity purposes, please complete this form, and return it to your child’s school by September 15.

(Public events such as sporting events, theatre productions, etc. are open to the public and are not covered by this form.)

Opt-Out Form for Student Image Publishing

I do NOT want my child's image to be published for news media or school publicity purposes. (Print and return to the GVHS office)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the 1st day of School?

A: September 1, 2020

Q: What are school start and end times

A: The first bell rings at 7:30 and the first class starts at 7:40. The last bell rings at 3:56.

Q: Where can I get my schedule?

A: Log into Infinite Campus. If you forgot your password or log-in information please call the GVHS office. 970-285-5705

Q: Why do I only have 4 classes?

A: Watch the "Welcome Back / Information on Schedules" video for an explanation.

Q: What school supplies will my child need to provide?

A: Supply lists are posted on our website. Select the teacher then select their school supply list.

Q: Can my child ride a bus to school.

A: Yes! We have bus routes for GVHS which can be found online using this link: Bus Routes. All families must submit a GCSD16 Covid-19 Activity Waiver form to ride the bus. These forms can be found online using this link: GCSD16 Covid-19 Activity Waiver. Also, all students must wear masks on buses, regardless of age as we cannot physical distance on buses. Please contact our director of transportation, Steve Gardner, for any questions or for more information at (970) 285-5700 ext 5130.

Q: What kind of technology will my child have access to?

A: All students at GVHS will have their own Chromebook. They will be able to take their Chromebook home with them. We highly encourage you to purchase Chromebook insurance to protect you in case of accidental damage. Technology insurance forms will be sent home with students on the 1st day of school.

Q: What safety measures are you taking during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

A: Our school district has published our Plan for Reopening Schools, which contains our safety procedures for the year (En Espanol). Also, all staff and students will have a temperature check and symptoms questionnaire every morning. If you have questions after reading through the Plan for Reopening Schools, please reach out to our Principal, Mr. McCormick, who is always willing to visit and share information - (970) 285-5705.

Q: Will students be required to wear masks at school?

A: Yes, students are required to wear masks at GVHS as per the governor's order. All staff members are required to wear masks too.

Q: Will there be a back to school event this year

A: Unfortunately no. We will not be hosting a back school event. Freshmen Orientation will happen on the first day of school. There will also be time for questions and a tour so students can get used to the building.

Q: Will parents and volunteers be allowed in the building this year?

A: Unfortunately no. In an effort to keep our building as healthy as possible, visitors and guests will be limited to the entryways and not permitted in the buildings. As the Pandemic diminishes, visitors will be welcomed back inside our school. Our vision is to always create a welcoming environment and please know we will work to develop strategies that encourage family participation during the Pandemic. As always, we encourage families to reach out to their child’s teacher with any questions.

Q: What if I do not feel comfortable sending my child back to school right now?

A: We understand every family is impacted by the Pandemic and encourage you to please call our Principal, Mr. McCormick, to visit about options.

Q: I didn't see my question here, who do I ask?

A: You are always welcome to call our office at (970) 285-5705. You are also always welcome to reach out to our school principal Mr. McCormick via email ( and he will get back to you as soon as possible.