Scanlan Center: Imagine Iowa

A Comprehensive Mental Health Training

Class Overview

Are you ready to take your mental health awareness training to the next level?

Lakes Partnership School (LPS) & Prairie Lakes AEA (PLAEA) are partnering with the Scanlan Center to provide a comprehensive mental health training called Imagine Iowa.

Imagine Iowa training is a new evidence-informed, culturally responsive, equity-infused mental health awareness program, co-developed with Iowa youth, designed to support K-12 educators in improving their knowledge, skills, and attitudes about mental health. This training is an essential tool for educators who want to support and improve their mental health knowledge and evidence-based applications in their own lives, classrooms, schools, and communities.

This curriculum will provide the opportunity to engage with topics such as mental health literacy, immediate crisis response, advocacy, and restorative practices; all of which will create an atmosphere of inclusion and wellness in classrooms and schools. In addition, participants will develop tools to have insight into their own mental health needs, as well as how to set up a personal wellness plan.

Participants will begin to explore these topics in-person and be provided with the opportunity to engage in continual learning via digital platforms, after in-person professional development, to become partners in school mental health.

Participants can choose to register as Participant Only (no credit), CEU credit, or Licensure Renewal credit*. All participants can expect to complete all activities regardless of credit selection.

Imagine Iowa Training is a partnership with Iowa School Mental Health Initiative.

*Completion of this training offers participants one free State of Iowa licensure renewal credit. Participants interested in licensure renewal credit will register for the credit at a later date through the Scanlan Center; for the time being, those who would like to attend and earn licensure renewal credit will register for Participant Only to reserve a seat at the workshop.

Class Objectives

This comprehensive training will prepare participants to be effective partners in mental health within their school community. By the end of the training program, participants will be able to:

  • Define and discuss specific mental health issues, with an emphasis on using stigma-free language

  • Identify indicators and risk factors associated with a mental health crisis, and to respond appropriately

  • Utilize effective communication skills for discussing mental health in an equitable and approachable way

  • Develop a personal mental health plan to maintain consistent self-care while navigating mental health situations at school/work


Course #: 205693

Section #: 316895

This class includes 8 hours of in-person learning as well as learning outside of class. This class will be held at the Spencer CSD Central Administration Office/Spencer PLAEA Office and it is is open to all districts.

In-Person Learning:

October 16th, 2023 (8:00am - 4:00pm)

In-Person Learning Location:

Spencer CSD Central Administration Office

23 East 7th St.

Spencer, Iowa

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Course #: 205693; Section #: 316895


Contact: Danielle Korthals ( or Brianne Goings (