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That Teacher

My name is Anayeli Jaimes and I received my Bachelor of Science in Teaching and Learning with certification level: Bilingual Generalist from the University of Houston. I am so excited about beginning my first year as a teacher, teaching 5th grade. I would like to guarantee an environment in which our students will become excited and curious about learning!

I will create a monthly newsletter specifically catered for you, the teachers at home. I would like to provide you with a small but detailed glimpse of our children's success in the classroom and how together as a team, we can provide support and learning outside of the classroom.


Monday, Sep. 7th, 6pm

ABC Academy

I would like to personally welcome you and your child to my classroom. I will discuss our classroom policies and expectations and also the major projects and events that will take place throughout the year. I hope to see you there!

5th Grade Questionnaire

I would like to get to know my students a little more and so I have created this survey to know their long-term educational goals. Please, have your child complete this survey before our open house.

New Year, New Policies!

As a democratic group, we opted to create our own constitution stating the expectations for our classroom.

Our class constitution as follows:

"We, the students of room 123, in order to maintain a nurturing environment, promise to respect others by respecting their ideas, creations and materials just as we would like to be respected. We will strive for a healthy and safe environment by notifying the teacher of any occurrences. We will NOT forget to have fun while learning. We will ask many, many questions. We promise to never give up and ask for help when needed. We will always be given the right to speak our minds unless it is to hurt others. Lastly, we promise to make this the best year it can be!"

Parents, Tips On How To Motivate Your Children To Study!

We will not rely heavily on "homework", rather I would like for the students to study the Interactive Notebook (IN) that we created in class. The information covered in the IN will serve as a study guide and I would like for you, parent, to encourage your student to keep their IN current and study the material daily!

Here are some tips to encourage study:

  1. Provide children with a set time and routine to complete assignments and study.
  2. Control and limit distractions.
  3. Avoid punishing the child if they do not complete a homework assignment on time or do not "feel like doing homework". Instead, be supportive. Be patient. If your child sees that you are there to help and not to criticize, you and the child can come up with solutions on how to solve the problem.
  4. Praise their effort but encourage independence.
  5. After completion, check assignments for accuracy and give constructive criticism on how they can improve.
  6. Model learning. The child will feel a sense of encouragement if you make every opportunity, a learning one. We need to show them how to be lifelong learners.

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If You Need To Reach Me!

Please, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to set up a conference as soon as possible.