Anonymous Sperm and Egg Donation

Jaela Ortiz-Walcott

Should Eggs and Sperm Be Anonymous?

Anonymous egg and sperm donating should be non-anonymous for the person who gave their egg or sperm to know who the child is or looks like in real life. Donating eggs or sperm should be up to the donor and not the recipient.

Anonymous Sperm and Egg Donation

Anonymous sperm and egg donation allows adults to donate their sperm or eggs (things we reproduce) to women who are not aloud to have kids or reproduce as well or not at all, and for men to give to other men who can't reproduce sperm good or at all.

Anonymous Sperm and Egg Donation

Here is the some knowledge about Donating Eggs and Sperm, "The women are usually paid around $5,000 per cycle, but some (particularly women with desirable genetic traits) can be paid as much as $50,000".,"All children have the right to know the person who helped create them, even if the person donating sperm or eggs did so on the specific understanding that they would never be identified, and does not consent now to being identified"., and "all official sperm and egg donors have known their details will be available to their children once they turn 18. But the Victorian Government wants those who donated sperm and eggs before 1998, often under the condition of anonymity, to now be identifiable to their offspring." Some of the children submitting evidence to the Victorian Law Reform Committee talked of their pain in not knowing who their real parents were".

Quotes on Eggs and Sperm

''People forget we come from an embryo and we're part sperm and part ovary. We have both sides in us''. -Michelle Rodriguez

''Just because you donate sperm does not make you a father. I don't have a father. I would never give him the credit or acknowledge him as my father''. -Sarah Michelle Gellar

The first quote is telling the reading that we come from both sides of the gene and not just one or the other but both. The last quote is telling the reading that just because you donate your sperm or eggs doesn't make you a parent unless you are taking care of a child or someones guardian.