By Ta'Niyah

Why would the people sacrifice their life to give people there human hearts?

The people sacrifice the human heart for their gods. The only reason the people sacrifice their human hearts to the gods because if they wanted the sun to rise they had to give human hearts to the god. And if they didn’t the sun will not be raised. . They would have to give them human hearts to the gods every day every day.

Gods and Mythology

Secondary Source

The people say that there were more than 20,000 people that were killed. Because they had sacrificed the human hearts and blood. And after they had did that they give it to the gods.

Citation: Gods and Mythology

primary source

Sometimes they would not get human hearts from people who sacrifice to give to them. Well when they would go into war and if the Aztecs killed somebody they would take their human hearts. They were in war.

Gods and Mythology