Money Tree Discovered

You may be able to own it for almost nothing!

Money Tree is Real

It is hard to believe, but three really is a money tree and it will be displayed at the South Davidion School Fund raiser this Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 6 p.m. this Tree bears a special kind of Civics currency which is redemable for United States Dollars.

Civics Class finds Money Tree

Civics Expedition Group Discovers Money Tree

The South Davidson High School Civics Expedition Group while time traveling through quantum magnetic shadow-merging visited the 1787 United States Constitutional Convention and participated in the creation of the United States Constitution first hand. Class president Olivia Carter presided or the convention monitoring the intense debate over representation in Congress resulting in the Great Compromise creating a bicameral legislative with equal representation in the Senate and the House of Representatives being based on state's population. During the debate, Taylor Beal noticed an unusual glow from between the floor planks. With the help of Kayla Sanders, Brooke Gordon and Makayla Pullum the seeds that would eventually grow the money tree were discovered. Class secretary, Molly McCurry, declared, " This is truly part of the lost national treasure."

Dr. Allen's Civics and Economics Class

Room 220 South Davidson High School