Bright Lights of the New December

Is your shopping done or started or somewhere in between?

The concerts are coming!

On December 11th, Monday afternoon and evening, our children will be raising their collective angelic voices under the direction of Mr. Andy Boucher. The children have been practicing and enjoying the songs of the season during their music classes. We hope that you will join us at 5:30PM for the 5k-2 concert and at 7:00PM for the grades 3 and 4 concert. It is a terrific time!

Performers should arrive 15 minutes prior to their concert. Please report directly to the Little Theater at the Intermediate School.

A special night for the 2031 graduates

Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, friends, neighbors came to the Primary Gym to listen to our youngest students sing their favorite songs and even lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Pics below capture some of the fun everyone had. Terrific spread of food from the families too.

Let's do a little writing. . . .

You'll see in the pics below that the 5K children from Mrs. Meyer's class were hard at work putting on the final touches to their writing. Building stamina and learning new voicabulary are keys to the process.
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Nothing like a snack with my pals

Here are the 4K children from the PM class sharing a snack picnic style. By the way, that floor is sparkling clean following the hard work of our new lunchtime custodian, Mrs. Palmquist.

Readers' workshop at its best

Following the mini-lesson, these 4th graders are putting their new learning into practice on using meaningful strategies to implement when reading non-fiction. How do we keep track of all of the information presented while we are reading? These children truly impressed me with their focus, on-task work, and collaborative attitudes. AWESOME!
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Checking out the Primary

Terrific photo of a new family checking out our facility! Just kidding, still a pretty cool picture.

Mike Budisch

There are Christmas trees that decorate our main entrance. On these trees are tags with items that can be purchased by families and shared with those families less fortunate than us. The children can or have already brought the tags home. The items can be brought to school and placed in the baskets around the trees.