Physical Developmental Milestones

During infancy and toddlerhood

Birth to 6 months

  • Height and weight increases
  • Newborn relfexes decline
  • Distinguishes basic taste and odors
  • Sleep in increasingly organized into a night-day schedule
  • Holds head up, rolls over, and grasps objects
  • Perceives auditory and visual stimuli as organized patterns
  • Shows sensitivity to motion and binocular depth cues
  • Recognizes and prefers human facial patterns
  • By the end of the period, moves from relying on motion and spatial arrangement to using shape, color, and texture to identify objects
  • Masters a wide range of inter modal (visual, auditory, and tactile) relationships

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7-12 months

  • Approaches adult like sleep-wake schedule
  • Sits alone, crawls, and walks
  • Reaching and grasping improve in flexibility and accuracy; shows refined pincer grasp
  • Develops sensitivity to pictorial depth cues
  • Inter-modal perception continues to improve

Sitting Alone

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13-18 months

  • Height and weight gain are rapid, but not as great as in first year
  • Walking is better coordinated
  • Manipulates small objects with improved coordination

19-24 months

  • Jumps, walks on tiptoes, runs, and climbs
  • Manipulates small objects with good coordination

Why are these Developmental Milestones important?

These milestones are important because it could be a way to recognize if something is wrong with your infant. All of the milestones have their age variation, but they are pretty typical across the board. So these can be used as a simple indicator if you child is or is not growing properly.

Child Development


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