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By: George K

Interview with: Jenna Fox!

CDN: We are live in California, about to interview the one and only, Jenna Fox! She is the daughter of Matthew fox, but she has been alive for more than 250 years! Without further wait, let's start the interview.

CDN: Jenna, why did you move here from Boston?
Jenna: I died from a really bad car accident, and to save me, I needed to be way more than 50% bio gel. Boston has a law where you cannot be over 50%, so I needed to move to a place where the FSEB was not as strict, and California was that place.

CDN: What happened to your friends in the car accident?
Jenna: Sadly, they died. After the crash, my dad was able to save me because he worked with bio gel, but my friends' parents wouldn't let my dad get close to them.

CDN: Who do you live with now?
Jenna: I live with a girl named Allys. She was here when I moved to California. We did become friends, but she was really strict on bio gel and totally agreed with the FSEB. When she found out I was 90% bio gel, she suddenly disappeared. We found her a few days later in her house, really sick. She was about to die, but her parents asked my parents to use bio gel and save her. My parents did, so now we are both made of bio gel and live together.

CDN: Who was the first friend you met in California?
Jenna: As soon as I came here I met Mr. Bender. He was really nice to me and I always felt safe near him. He was actually inside another person's body; the real Clayton Bender had died a long time ago. Even after I figured that out, Mr. Bender was always nice and was a person I could trust.

CDN: Did you go to school?
Jenna: Yes, and I made good friends their. Allys went to the school with me, and so did a kid Ethan. Actually, Ethan was my *chuckle* boyfriend. Some other kids there were Gabriel, who was overall quiet; and Dane, who nobody ever understood.

CDN: How did you react when you figured out you were made of bio gel?
Jenna: I was steamed. I don't understand why, but I was really mad at my parents. If I were given a chance to go back and be grateful that my parents saved me, I would. I also seemed to have forgot, that it was my fault the accident happened, and that it was the only way to save me. If I hadn't got into that car accident nothing would have happened.

CDN: Did you have a plan to move somewhere safer for you?
Jenna: Actually, yes. We were planning to move to Italy, where there is no FSEB. The plan never happened, but still we were thinking about doing it.

CDN: Did you remember anything after you got out of the coma?
Jenna: Right after I got out I didn't remember anything, but after that over time my memories started coming back to me. I could also look up a word I didn't know. After a couple weeks I pretty much understood and remembered everything.

CDN: What were your friends in Boston?
Jenna: A girl named Kara Manning, and a boy named Locke Jenkins. I would do everything with them. They were my closest friends, and remembering the accident and us falling to our doom, I knew I shouldn't have given them the keys to the car.

CDN: Okay Jenna, one more question. Sorry for asking but, What is your favorite color?
Jenna: Actually, I was hoping you would ask that. My favorite color is red. I have a closet full of blue skirts, shirts, and everything red, but I have always wanted just one red skirt.

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Today we are here to honor a very good man. Mr. Clayton Bender, who died on this day over 200 years ago, has done a lot to help Jenna Fox. Mr. bender was the first friend Jenna had after she was out of the coma. He worked with plants and nature, and sometimes made statues/sculptures out of plants. He was actually inside another person's body; the real Clayton Bender died a long tome ago. Still, he was a very good man willing to help a hurting Jenna. He died on this date over 200 years ago because of old age.

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The FSEB has changed what it thinks! Now, some people can be saved having more than 50% bio gel. The new rules are: any kid that is below 5 years can be up to 85% bio gel. Any kid between 6-15 can be up to 70% bio gel. Any teen/adult between 16-25 years can be 50% bio gel. Any man between 26-40 can be 40% bio gel. Anybody between 41-65 can be only 10% bio gel, and lastly anybody above 65 years cannot have bio gel to be saved. Even if a kid needs 80% to be saved as a four year old, when he becomes 6 he can still live, just he cannot use any more bio gel. The FSEB says that this gives the younger one chances to live, and old people take the natural course and have to die. Still, any person who goes gets any bio gel will have to die at 100 years, or there will be mass overpopulation. Anyone who breaks any of these rules will be placed in prison for life. Lastly, The FSEB says that it is not what one is made of that makes them human, it is their memories, thoughts, and ideas that matter.

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