The blowfish is a type of pufferfish. When threatened, the blowfish breathes in a lot of air forcing the spines on its round body to pop out creating a defense against predators

Polar Bears

Polar Bears have clear fur which appears white due to light emitted from them through an allusion. They use this to sneak up and fool their prey.
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Walking Stick

The walking stick is an insect who appears to

Look like a stick. This protects them from predators who are fooled by its clever design.

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The zebra is a horse with many black stripes on its body that create a pattern. When in packs, the zebra can confuse predators by moving in groups which makes them indistinguishable from each other.
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During winter, most mammals store up a lot of food in their bodies before winter. They then sleep until winter ends so they don't use up all their energy or hibernate. They do this so they don't get food in the winter.
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The prey of many animals roam to many different places. Due to their prey leaving, many animals have to move around so they have food to eat or migrate.
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The baby of a kangaroo crawls into their parents pouch when young due to their natural instinct to be safe from predators.
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King Cobra

The king cobra stores powerful venom in its bite. This helps it end the lives of its prey quickly and helps it protect itself against predators like the eagle.
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The saliva in the mouth of a human helps digest food in order for food to be digested quicker. This allows the food to be used more effieciently.
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Black widow

The black widow has very powerful venom that allows it to kill its prey quickly. It also has materials which it uses to create webs to trap its prey.
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Dialation of pupils

In humans, the pupils expand to let a lot of light in to improve their vision
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