Send Photographs to KMS Yearbook

uploads made easy!

It's this simple:

Go to and enter the log-in: KMS2016

When you click on the above LINK, watch the SHORT video for a quick overview and easy directions to upload photographs to the KMS Yearbook staff.

The rest of the information on this page is a step by step visual representation of 'how' to upload the photographs to the KMS Yearbook site.

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>>>Enter the log-in: KMS2016<<<

Now you are ready to enter information needed to submit your photographs.

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>Click the BROWSE bar and go to your photograph storage. >Select pictures.

>After you have selected up to ten pictures, click to get to the screen below. >You will click OK.

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>Your photographs are now ready to TAG.>>> Click on a 'thumbnail' image to record the details from the picture. ...After you have finished, click SUBMIT.

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>>You have now contributed to the KMS Yearbook staff's library of photographs. They will be reviewed for possible use in the 2016 YEARBOOK.

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***Thank you for your help!***