Wind Energy

Is It Good?

Wind The Basics!

Wind energy is a renewable energy source to generate electricity.they are set up all around the world in places where wind is most common like in north america, europe and other places. For the average person wind energy is very expensive to gain because to install a wind turbine is 3-9,000 dollars to install and governments pay you money for using them

How it works

To make electricity from wind you need to install a wind turbine, there are 4 types of turbines, a horizontal and vertical turbine, darrieus turbine, and a savonis turbine. they all make convert wind energy(kinetic energy) into mechanical energy then into electricity.
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the cost and installation of very small l kw off-grid turbines generally cost $4,000 to $9,000, and a 100 kw turbine can cost $350,000. governments and many places have rebate or tax credit programs in place to encourage investment in small wind energy


wind turbines over the years have started off with a huge impact on wildlife and habitats but over the years with the advancement of technology they have had less of a impact, for example there was a big number of deaths of birds and bats but that has reduced drastically and also the space they take up has also reduced


with a wind turbine you can store up a decent amount of energy in case there is not alot of wind at a time. they store it in a giant grid for later use.


overall wind energy is a reliable source of energy to have to generate electricity that you can always have that if you ge will generate both electricity and cash