Tuesday, September 16th


Villa does not mean Village (and other things you believe incorrectly)

Dear students,

Please read the following items VERY carefully. There seem to be some serious misconceptions going on in the course.

  • "villa" does not mean "village". Please stop saying it does.
  • "saluto" does not mean "salute". Please stop saying it does.
  • I will not look for your work anymore. Grading tonight took me much longer than it should have because I had to check your zeroes. If you don't tell me, the zero stays.
  • You seem to think that I'm the bad guy. You're the guys not doing your work. All I want is for you to do well. How can you possibly do that if you don't do your work?
  • When you text or email me about an assignment, you have to tell me which one it is. I do not have every assignment memorized. When you text me "I don't understand number 6", I have NO idea what you are talking about, which assignment you're on, or what number 6 says.


Thursday, Sep. 18th, 7pm

This is an online event.

In addition to discussing Chapter 4 grammar this Thursday, I will discuss tips to succeed in this course.

All of you should try to attend the live classroom, though there is no grade for it. You guys can totally benefit from it.

More info

Tuesday night I will have BBIM hours from 8-9PM. Call, text or sign in for help.