MAY 16, 2016


Ms. F Jackson for planning and coordinating Dinner with the Principal and Ms. Watson, Ms. Crumbley, Ms. Hickombottom, Ms. Jones, Mr. Bell, Mr. Castillo, Ms. Curry for assisting

Ms. White, Ms. Hatton, Ms. Allison, Ms. Alvarez, and Ms. Compean for working together to coordinate STAAR

PTO for donating $1,000 to RGE for our student agendas for the 2016-2017 school year


Please be sure that you are continually updating your gradebooks. Parents are actively monitoring gradebooks to stay abreast of their child's progress. Be sure to refer to the e-mail sent last week to take the correct number of daily and major grades. All grades should be updated and posted by Monday, May 23rd. At that point we will begin daily monitoring grades for the final averages. You will still continue to add or revise grades after that date.

Additional time for teachers to work on Report Cards, Award Certificates, Testing will be given through the PLC time at the end of each day. The Outclass Teachers and paraprofessionals will push into classrooms from 2:30-3:45 to provide an opportunity for teachers to prepare for year end close out. Please refer to e-mail for your grade level coverage dates.

All report cards must have academic comments and a specific statement regarding student's promotion status:

Student has been promoted to XX grade for the 2016-2017 school year

Although student has not met standard in the area of XX, student will be promoted to XX grade for the 2016-2017 school year.

Student has not met standard in the area(s) of XX and will be retained in XX grade for the 2016-2017 school year.

Remember that a Grade Placement Meeting must be held prior to retaining any student. Students may not be retained if a meeting has not been held.

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Two Terrific Mondays remain!

As we work together to finish strong, let's commit to:

~actively monitoring students throughout the day (AM Duty, Lunch/Recess, PM Duty_

~plan engaging and creative lessons for students; let's not overwhelm students with worksheets and packets during these final days

~continue taking grades to help with final averages

Please note that movies may only be shown with administrator approval. Any proposed movies must be aligned to FBISD curriculum, noted in PCG as part of the district curriculum, and noted in lesson plans.

Instructional Ideas to connect to the curriculum
* student created books/games

*novel study

*student created projects (don't forget to use rubrics)

*science lab experiments

*technology projects

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16-20 Book Fair Week

16 3rd-5th Social Studies District Assessment

DTM Coaching

17 Staff Meeting at 3:30 in the library

18 DTM Coaching

19 Fine Arts Program 5:45 in the cafeteria

20 Field Day (schedule TBD)

23-27 Fifth grade TLA (computer lab)

23 Report Cards due for review/printing

CBLT 3:30 in the Library

30 Memorial Day Holiday

31 Fifth Grade Award Ceremony

June (schedules TBD)

1 PK, Kinder, First Grade Award Day

RGE Talent Show

2 Second, Third, Fourth Grade Awards Day (schedule pending)

Report Card Day

Student's last day-Early Dismissal at 12:10

3 Staff Work Day

Staff luncheon and recognitions

*EOY Check-out due to Administrators