Jackson Journal

Welcome Back, Braves! September 2017

Important Dates to Remember

Friday, September 8

*Individual Picture Day

*Family Leadership Meeting, 7:30-8:15, Mrs. Morrison's classroom

Friday, September 15

*Parent/Teacher Conference Day

Monday-Friday, September 18-22

*Eat lunch with your child week! Make sure to let your child's teacher know if you will be eating lunch with us. Your lunch will be prepared in advance, in order to ensure enough food is prepared for each grade level. Please let your child's teacher know that you will be coming by Thursday, September 14th, if possible. See the schedule below and check with your child's teacher for individual lunch times. Remember, parents are always welcome to eat lunch with students, but this is a special invitation to enjoy our school cafeteria at the beginning of the year. Let's kick off our school year with a fun meal together!

- Monday (1st grade and 4th grade)

- Tuesday (2nd grade)

- Wednesday (3rd grade)

- Thursday (5th grade)

-Friday (Kindergarten)

Friday, September 22

*Health screenings for k, 2nd, and 4th grade students

Friday, September 29

*Field Day (PTA will be selling pizza and water on this day!)

Wednesday, November 8

*System-wide career fair for all 4th graders

Parent Survey, 2016-2017 - New Results! We are hearing from you!!!

Thank you to all who have responded so far to the most recent survey. Your feedback has provided some good insight. As part of our goal to become a more welcoming school, we have scheduled a "eat lunch with your child week" in September and will host special greeters on the morning of our Parent/Teacher Conference Day. If you are at Jackson on Friday morning, September 15, please stop by the hospitality table for some refreshments and share a conversation with some of our volunteers. If you have not yet returned your survey, please do so as soon as possible. Thank you!

Building hours and entrances - Please follow traffic flow in the morning!

Please use Jackson Street each morning for student drop off. The main entrance (Stone Drive side of the building) is to be used by Jackson faculty and buses only. If your student arrives after 8:15, please park in "visitor" parking and walk in to the main office. Several parents have used the bus entrance in the morning this week and were "stuck" between buses that were unloading. This causes extra wait time and frustration for many different people, especially those who must wait! Often, impatience leads to poor choices. Keeping our students safe is the number one priority. Please use Jackson Street 7:20-8:15. Thank you!

Picture Day

Friday, Sep. 8th, 8:30am-2:30pm

600 Jackson Street

Kingsport, TN

Ordering on-line is easy! Visit inter-state.com/order and enter your code that is provided on the inside of your order flyer to continue the ordering process. Online ordering allows parents to choose between more options and styles to further personalize their child's portrait.

Counselor's Corner - How to Make Mornings Easier

Getting young children out the door on time each morning can be a hair-raising experience. Listed below are some tips for taking the mayhem out of the morning routine:

· Have “practice mornings” when you’re not in a hurry. Try it on the weekend.

· Make a guide for them by taking pictures of them doing all the things they need to do in the morning the posting them in a common area (IE on the refrigerator).

· Set limits with enforceable statements. Here are some examples: “Breakfast will be on the table until the timer goes ding.” “I give treats to kids who brush their teeth.” “My car is leaving in just a little while. Will you be going with your clothes on your body or your clothes in a bag?”

· Enforce these limits with plenty of loving empathy. This may mean taking your child to preschool in their pajamas or by expecting them to pay you for taking them to school when they are late. Hint: If you think you may need to take your child to school with their clothes in a bag, call the school and let them know ahead of time.

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STREAM request

Mrs. Hull is requesting recyclables for her classroom projects. Please send in cereal or snack boxes, rinsed out 1 and 2 liter bottles, milk jugs, baby food jars, and coffee cans. Thanks!