First Grade Weekly

Friday, October 14

Notes from Ms. Dreger

We had another wonderful and busy week in first grade! We made bats to decorate our classroom door. Be sure to stop by to check it out! We also went down to the Exploratory Lab this week. Students worked in small groups to practice using Blockly (on the iPad) to code Dash (a robot). They had four challenges to complete.

Homework: Students will have a reading log, some math, and spelling/phonics practice.

Friday Folders: Students have their Friday folders (blue folders) in their backpacks. Please keep the papers inside and return the folders on Monday.

Class Dojo and Seesaw: If you have not already done so, please get connected with both. If you need any help please let me know.

Take Note!

The visit from the Nature Center is quickly approaching. Please be sure to make your payment either online or in the office.


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We learned about making predictions while we read. We also learned about cross checking when we read to make sure that what we are reading makes sense. If we are unsure about something we read, we stop and ask ourselves three questions: Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense? If the answer is "no," we need to use picture clues and letter sounds to help us understand what we are reading.

  • Students read to self while I met with students to listen to them read and discuss what they are reading.
  • Students read to a partner.
  • Students wrote predictions about how Freddie and his friends would get the skunk out of their box fort in their writing journals. Students then shared their predictions with the class.
  • Students had an opportunity to pick new books on Friday.


Students wrote personal narratives about what they did over the weekend. They started with four pictures (beginning, middle, end) and added sentences to them. Students then went back to add setting, action, thoughts and feelings, and dialogue.


We completed our third spelling/phonics unit this week. Our focus was on one syllable words with short i.

Students worked in small groups to complete a word sort made up of one syllable words with short i. After sorting the words students read them and wrote them down. If time permitted they also marked the consonants and vowels and wrote the words in sentences.

Students built words with short i, wrote them on Seesaw, and recorded themselves reading the words. Students also played short vowel games on the Smartboard.

Students played a phonics game with Mrs. Hill and completed a word sort with me.


We practiced doubles facts with sums to 18. We reviewed patterns and practiced creating them. We used a balance scale to identify which, of two objects, was heavier/lighter.

  • Doubles Dash: A board game with doubles facts on each space.
  • Math practice pages
  • My Backpack: Math fact practice on the iPad.


We continued learning about the human body. We learned about the nervous system, vaccines, and. Students finished their Body Systems Books.

Ask your student about what we learned.

  • What vaccine did Edward Jenner create? (Smallpox)
  • What vaccine did Louis Pasteur create? (Rabies)
  • What did Pasteur do to kill the germs in milk and juice? (Heat)

Science vocabulary: brain, nerves, vaccines, diseases, germs, pasteurization.

Social Studies

Needs and Wants

Needs are things we need to survive (food, water, shelter) and wants are things we want but do not need (toys, books, pets).

Goods and Services

Goods are things we can touch and hold (toys, food) and services are things someone does for us (teach, haircut, doctor).

Where do we get food?

We also discussed where we get our food from. We created a web to help organize our thoughts.

Nut Free!

Our classroom is a nut free space. Please help keep our kids safe and healthy by NOT bringing nut products to school.

A Sense of Nature

Thursday, Oct. 27th, 10:30am

4221 East Milham Avenue

Portage, MI

The Nature Center will be visiting KCDS to provide programming to students PreK-4th grade.

Please be sure to make your payment either online or in the office. Thank you!

Halloween Parade

Friday, Oct. 28th, 8:15am

4221 East Milham Avenue

Portage, MI

Students can come to school in their costumes! We will meet in the classroom and make our way to the gym together for the parade. Please send your student to school with a change of clothes for the afternoon.

Halloween Carnival

Friday, Oct. 28th, 6pm

4221 East Milham Avenue

Portage, MI

Join your KCDS friends for an evening at the KCDS Halloween Carnival! There will be games, food, prizes, and a chili cook-off!