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Student Response Expemlars

Prompt: Write a claim explaining the theme of Uncle Jed’s Barbershop. Defend this claim with evidence from the text.

Response Checklist:

  • Explain the theme from the book (claim)

  • How was the claim (theme) seen in the story; use evidence from the story to support my theme

  • Use reasons (my thinking)

  • Use transitions to connect my ideas

  • Why does it (the theme) matter for the story (analysis)

At home: You can access your writer's response to the claim on Google Classroom! Feel free to analyze these writers' responses based on the checklist. Perhaps you and your writer can revise your child's response at home, together. Reflection is all about growth and change. Thank you for all that you are doing to support your child's growth!

Aaliyah L.

In Uncle Jed barbershop the theme is that even when thing get harder keep going. Uncle Jed shows that when he was going to pay for sarah jean hospital bill because she was sick and found out that he lost $3000 all his money that he save up to pay for his shop. He lost his money because the bank fail. He had to let it go and keep pushing and because he kept pushing he had enough to pay for the shop (and eventually Sarah jean bill) and even if some people didn't believe in him he follow his dream. And because he followed his dream it came true. Uncle Jed was the owner of the only barber in the county that is big.Uncle Jed inspired a lot people to follow their dream and to keep pushing even Sarah jean his niece. He inspired her to follow her dream. Uncle Jed is a great example of a person who pushes for their goal because of the hard work it took for him to get their also uncle jed was the type of person who care for people like when he gave people “free” haircut because they could not pay him then.

Israel H.

A claim I noticed was, you don’t need money to be successful. I say this because when Uncle Jed loss 300$ money due to sarah being unconscious and needing the operation he said,”money doesn't matter.” really like he just meant I don’t need the money if she does also when the bank went down he loss all of his money (and so did everyone else)which was three thousand dollars and in return he still cut hair and when his customers could not pay him with paper money, they gave him food and other valuables during that time and when they could pay him back they did.

I think this theme matters to the story because if he was going to be greedy sarah could have died if she didn't get the operation and if he just stopped giving haircuts he could not have gotten more money or food to start his own business.

Zaria A.

In the story Uncle Jed’s barber shop i believe the theme is believe then achieve. Because Uncle Jed had a dream to open a barber shop he believed he could do it. one reason i know this is he would tell stories to his niece sarah jean, for example he would talk about the equipment like how the sinks would sparkle and how the floors would be so clean you could see yourself, this tells me that he felt passionate about his barber shop. another reason is when the great depression came Uncle jed started cutting hair for free, for example, Uncle Jed would cut hair for food. although Uncle Jed’s dream is to open his own barber shop when sarah jean got so sick she needed a operation her dad needed $300, he didn't have that money so he went to Uncle Jed, Uncle Jed gave the money soon after that the great depression came Uncle Jed lost $3000 even though he lost all that money he didn't give he just said “well i guess i’ll just have to start all over again” and after that he still never gave up and he opened his own barbershop when he was 79 although he died shortly after he still never gave up and achieved his dream.

Sofia A.

In the story “Uncle Jed’s Barbershop” one of the themes is that dreams don’t just happen easily-you have to work for them. The story shows that when Uncle Jed had to work for years and years to earn enough money to open his barbershop. He had many obstacles along the way. For example, when Sarah Jean got sick and he had to pay for her doctor’s appointment (which set him back about $300). Another example is when the bank failed and he lost all his savings ($3,000).

Another theme that I found was happiness does not come from money. This was included when Uncle Jed lost all his money, but he still did not lose hope even though he had to start completely over to earn enough money to open his shop. He remained happy and confident. It may have took him a very long time, but when he was finally able to afford his shop, he was a happy man. He was probably proud of his journey to get there, as well.

These themes matter to the story because if they were not clear enough to understand what the author is trying to tell the reader, than the story would not have the same meaning. What I mean is the story would not give people the same feeling of joy when Uncle Jed finally opened his shop. Or maybe when you feel bad for Uncle Jed when he had no control over his money being lost because of the bank. You can connect these events to the themes and it can become more clear as to why these events matter to the whole, and maybe even your personal life.

Amir H-M.

The theme of Uncle Jed’s Barbershop is that you should never give up. For example, in the text Uncle jed was saving up money for a barber shop but when Sarah Jane (the narrator) got hurt in the hospital he had to spend three hundred dollars to help her, but he still never gave up.This means he will not have enough money to buy his barbershop. And also the great depression came and the banks were not working he lost 3,000 dollars and so that was basically all the money he had but he still never gave up. And in the end, even though he was in his 70’s he achieved his dream and got the barbershop.That shows that if you never give up you can achieve things you never thought you could.

London H.

The theme of “Uncle Jed’s Barbershop” is to never give up when you are going through hard times. Also another theme is to keep going even when times are rough because you can still accomplish things. A reason for this is how people can still not give up just keep going even if you have to start over. Just like Uncle Jed and when the bank failed and lost 2,000 dollars (this time was during the great depression.) It was hard for him during the great depression just like it was hard for other people to but he kept going. This was important because people was going through hard times and was struggling to get past it this was not a good time. So this was important to show people how hard this time was and how lots of people got through it. Just how Uncle Jed did by working hard and he finally got his barbershop!

Noah S-G.

The theme is that you should have faith in what you believe in.Because Uncle Jed is believing that he is going to run his own barbershop and he had a few bumps but he got through them.How it was seen in the story is opened his barbershop that he had lost his money but he still tried to follow his dream and he did.When he opened his barbershop so many blacks came to get a haircut to where he had to stay up for three days without going to sleep,probably because he was super happy to be able to open his barbershop.Why I think he followed his dream is that he noticed that there weren’t any barbershop’s for blacks that they needed black barbershop’s.People like Uncle Jed are people who has faith and care about whatever they think is the right dream that fits them and they follow them.Why my theme matters is because in the poem “dreams” they talk about if you don’t have a dream you can’t be happy and that would mean that life is a bairen field frozen with snow.

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