Hijab- Islamic Head Wear

Islam is one of the religions where every woman is treated in a precious manner and utmost respect is paid to them. However, there are certain regulations that a Muslim needs to follow. They are expected to keep their entire body covered, except for their face, hands and feet. Also, covering the head and the hair is essential for them. Hijab is a popular head wear used by the ladies to cover their head and hair. Though these traditions are age old, they are still being followed by the Muslim women. Earlier, the traditional dresses and head wears were plain and simple, but today one can find them in various colors, designs and patterns.

Muslim dresses are exclusive in their own way and adding some more style to it are the head wears worn by the ladies. Hijab is like a scarf that is worn over the head. The word ‘Hijab’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘hajaba’ which means to conceal from the view. Hijab is basically like a veil which is used to cover the head and the chest. It is believed that by wearing a Hijab, a woman depicts modesty. Also, covering the head is a sign of respect towards Allah.

The availability of new patterns and designs in Hijab has made a fashion statement today. Fashionable and trendy scarves have taken the place of simple and boring scarves. Hijabs look elegant when paired with any apparel. Three popular kinds of Muslim scarves are available for the ladies. Let us have a look at them..

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