New Tools for Learning

iRead, Starfall and Math Playground


This tool uses fun games that motivate students to enhance their reading skills. It incorporates various reading skills, such as phonics, so students can learn to read independently. You can also monitor your child's progress, so you can watch them improve.


This program is great during free time because it lets students freely explore essential math and reading skills at their own pace. There are dozens of activities, so students are always motivated to increase their skills in different areas.

Math Playground

This website has over 200 activities for 2nd grade math in different areas, such as geometry, coins, time and measurement. Students can play a huge variety of games that match their ability and learning style. This is a free tool, so we encourage you to use it at home.

Thank you

With your assistance, these tools will make your child's educational experience as effective and enjoyable as possible.


Ryan Olliffe

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