4th Grade Math & Science

Martellaro & Grobe


Dear 4th Grade Parents,

We had a great first week back!! Your students blew me away with their knowledge about math and science. We had GREAT classroom discussions and everyone had a lot to add to the discussion. We received so many compliments from other teachers and Mrs. Little about how well our 4th graders behave in the hallway. I am impressed!!

I want to say thank you to everyone who donated supplies to the classroom. I really appreciate it!!

This week we spent a lot of time getting to know each other and practicing classroom and school procedures. We began setting up our math and science journals and even did our first science experiment!

You can expect to get this weekly newsletter through e-mail from Mrs. Grobe and myself. She will be updating you about Reading, Writing, and Social Studies and I will be providing updates about Math and Science. We will also both be posting our newsletter on our websites!

I am looking forward to a great year with your students!

Samantha Martellaro

** Vocabulary we discussed this week is in bold. I encourage you to use these words in your daily conversation with your student.


Our first homework packet was sent home on Friday. Every fourth grader will get a homework packet every Friday. The packet will contain math and reading homework. It will be due the following Thursday every week. We are assigning the homework on Friday in efforts to give the students more time to complete homework. We realize that a lot of our students are involved in activities outside of school and might not have time for daily homework. The homework packet can be completed anytime from Friday to Thursday. I am also going to be working with the students on making a homework plan in their agendas and checking off assignments as they are completed.


Last week in math we talked about graphing. We learned about all of the components of a graph. We collected data, organized data and created visual representations to communicate our data to our reader.

This week we will be practicing graphing in stations and in homework and we will be starting to study place value.

Math Facts! This week I will be making flash cards for every student to begin practicing their math facts. Knowing multiplication facts is essential to success in math. I equate being fluent in math facts to understanding phonics and sound blends in reading. Math fact fluency is a building block that every student needs to be able to go deeper in their understanding of math. I will be teaching multiplication strategies in class and I ask you to please encourage your students to study their facts for 10-15 minutes a day!! I always quiz my son in the car when we are driving:)


This week in science we completed our first experiment! It was so much fun! We came out of the experiment with more questions to explore. Your children are very curious! We practiced using the scientific method and our observation skills. We also discussed science safety.

This week in science we will continue to use the scientific method in their studies.

Reminder to Vote!!

We encourage all parents and community members to learn about the upcoming McKinney ISD Tax Ratification Election (TRE) and please exercise your right to vote. Early voting begins next Wednesday, September 4th.

Quick Facts
Due to state funding cuts the district currently faces a $10.7 million budget shortfall McKinney ISD has cut $4.7 million to help address state funding cuts (11% of administrative and support staff, 4% of teachers). TRE would raise the funds or McKinney ISD will need to cut an additional $10.7 million in staff and programs. Funds from the TRE would be used to avoid class size increases and maintain the current quality of student programs.

Early voting begins Sept. 4

Election date is Sept. 21

Early voting locations - (Vote at any location during early voting)

Collin County Election Office - 2010 Redbud Blvd., #102, McKinney

Collin College - Central Park Campus - 2200 W. University Dr.

Fire Station #5 - 6600 W. Virginia Pkwy.

McKinney Performing Arts Center - 111 N. Tennessee

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