Ancient Greece

By: Lance Graves


These few paragraphs will include interesting facts about Ancient Greece.These subjects include anthens rise to power,vairis types of goverments,and the progress of sience in the hellent age.Those three topics got my intress in Ancient Greece.So heres the paragraphs.

Anthes Rise to Power

Anthes's is the richest city in Greece.In 460 B.C. was the percal age.The perisan was different.In 460 B.C. the war ended in Greece.The citesen body improved alot.

The Progress of Sience in the Hellen age

alexander died ib 332 B.C.Arises suspected that the Earth was a sphere.fratothenes made maps of the Earth.Archimans made mashines that made other mashines quieter.Archimans put his hypothasis to action.

Vaires Types of Goverments

Kings became less popular.Kings were replaced by olgarly.Anthes was the first democracy. Mataby was a goverment for city-states.Tradisinal laws became more popular.


This is the conclosion ive learnd alot about Ancient Greece.Ive learned about all the goverments.all about anthes rise to power.and all about the progress of sience in the hellen age.Like when alexander died.


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