Building on essential choices

June 2015

Jump Start June!

June can be a great time to jump start your business. With our fabulous 200pv promotion, you can rank advance and enroll people rather easily if you put in some effort. Everyone loves to get FREE gifts and a bonus is that these are oils that are not readily available so people will want them!

Here are some great business building tips from our May team training:

1. Use your oils and learn about them. Share what you are learning with your enrollee's/team and encourage them to do the same. I am so excited that dill is back! I was almost out! We love dill in veggie dips and egg salad/deviled egg recipes. The tangerine makes a yummy fruit dip! I will NOT miss out on this promo and your people should be just as excited to take advantage of it too!

2. Create a share list of those you want to contact about doTERRA then USE IT!! Don't leave any one off that list. Don't prequalify family and friends; you never know what they are in need of till you talk to them.

3. Share an oil sample with at least 1-3 people a week. Make sure they are oils that people will see an immediate result from like peppermint, breathe and lavender. Use the deep blue rub samples. For those WA's who have not ordered in awhile, contact them again and give them a sample of our shampoo and conditioner!

4. Teach at least 1-2 classes a month; more if you want to grow faster. 2-4 one on ones a month is good and shoot for 1-4 enrollments.

5. Follow up is KEY! Follow up with those you sample; follow up with those who came to classes; follow up with those you've enrolled but haven't talked to in awhile; follow up with new enrollee's and do a kit review within 14 days of enrollment.

6. Most your upline! We are here to help you. We can send emails and newsletters and offer our services, but you are the only one who can then reach out and use the resource most available to you! We are here to help you set goals, teach classes, conduct team trainings and more, but you need to reach out.

Roxy mentioned how you CAN build this business on as little as 7 hours a week. How you use those 7 hours is up to you. She suggested that if you want to grow but your time is limited, set aside 7 hours each week and use those hours wisely and you will grow. Dedicate 4 hours to sharing: teach a class a week or schedule 2-4 one on ones and enroll. Use 1 hour a week to follow up with your prospects/new enrollments. Use another hour to educate yourself. You can do that by having a mentor call with your upline, listen to team calls/webinars, learn about the oils/products and reading good business building books. And finally, use an hour to plan! Plan out the following week, or plan for your next class, or your follow ups, or goal setting. It comes down to setting aside those 7 hours and using them!

With that said, I hope y'all will get in touch with one of your team leaders, set goals and build! So many people need these products. You know they can make a huge difference for so many families!

Here's to good health and wellness this summer,


Please take time to watch the two videos on being compliant when teaching classes. We need to be careful with our words when discussing the benefits of essential oils. Don't worry to the point where you are afraid to share, just review the videos occasionally and focus on health and wellness! Give me a call if you have any questions or concerns or contact your direct upline.
Sharing doTERRA Products in a Claims Compliant Way
dōTERRA Product Claims that Focus on Positives of Health and Wellness

Final thoughts

If you are enrolling people, remember you have a responsibility to keep in contact with them. Forward team newsletters and any information you are receiving. Check in with them and see if they have product or LRP questions. If they are on Facebook, make sure they are in the Bliss customer group and if they are building their own business, request they be added to Essential Choices Builders group and Bliss Builders. Let's not let our people fall thru the cracks, whether you are building for the long term or occasionally sharing.

About Us

Team essential choices is a group of people who desire to share their knowledge of essential oils and health and wellness products. We aim to empower families to take control of their health care in many ways, including the use of doTERRA's natural product line. We aim to encourage one another and help others along their path to natural wellness. Let's all make essential choices for the body, mind and soul.