Teachers on my mind

No Teacher left behind

 In today time school budget is down and could affect their teaching staff. In school system in hard to get all the teachers to training sites so it good idea to utilized the staff. It important to keep an open line of communication with staff on the changes that is happening in your school system. In the school system you should have few teachers you send to conferences and workshops. After teachers come from conferences or workshops they can share the information with other teachers. The board of education can have teachers that went to conferences to put on small workshop with their peers to review the new strategies and technology to the classroom. Then the facilitator for that certain session can have her coworkers break up in to groups and work on lesson plan, For example teachers can work on help each other by putting GELDS in the right place on lesson plan and how to implement social and emotional to story time on lesson plan. The school system can get local people to come in to train their staff like Bright from the Start employee. In today time you want you staff train in certain things so they can be qualify to teach children not sitting there confuse about the lesson for the day. As of today Bright for the start have inform teachers if they have gain a degree this year you qualify for the incentive from bright from the start for gaining a degree. Teachers that live in Georgia can apply just click on the link..http://decal.ga.gov  As of today things are changing daily and if your center or program falls under bright from the start they are making sure the staff are train by coming to site and train staff. Teachers can use the things the learn with coworkers they come in connecting with in education field. I feel teachers that share information can learn need things to take back to their classroom or share with their coworkers. I feel when teachers take the gace for the state they live in; teachers had to pass the test in order to be certified to teach school. I feel teachers should get refresh course on standards because teachers are so overwork getting less pay by adding more on teacher could cause them to have health problems from being stress out about test. The ones who need to take test is the one  that comes up with the test and see how they score on the test and let them know if you do not pass you lose your job because I believe if they know how make pressure is on teachers and children if they do not score high on test might change all the pressure on people, I can remember my son in the ninth grade was child with a IEP, he had teacher that was qualify to teach but since she did take one class in school for children with IEP. I was inform by a letter letting me know she was not qualify to teach my child and I had choice to send to other school where teacher was qualify at certain school. I went before the board and let them know she was doing good job and she was teaching clearly to my child. I feel you have teachers that are here to educate our children and the ones here to just get pay check. The from principals to teachers was under stress about children passing  you know they gave the children answer to the test and after investigation about the CRCT scores people got fired behind that and all they want to do is save their jobs. Teachers are going to the workshops about the standards but lets be real when you get hang of the new standards in few months comes a change in the standards. With that be said teachers will never get the use of standards because they are changing yearly.