Roll Film

By: Maranda V

"You Press The Button And We Do The Rest"

Everyone else is buying the new roll film so should you!! This magnificent creation allows you to take even brighter photos than you have before and it will also cost you less than you think.


The roll film was created in 1880 by George Eastman. Photographers mainly used the roll film to take brighter pictures wherever they go. With the roll film being so small It provided you with an easy way to take an extra set of roll film on the go. This unique invention also benifits you when your travling somewhere on the go and wanted to take a quick picture to capture a spacific momment. The roll film is a important invention because it allows you to capture momments which will change your life forever. Every photo you take will provide you with history relating back to the first photo you first took using the roll film.
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What Does It Do?

A roll film is usually reserved for film wound up on a spool with a light-tight backing paper to protect the wound-up film. The spool is loaded into the camera in daylight, the backing paper leader is threaded to a second spool, and the film wound from picture to picture once the camera is closed.

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What I learned about the roll film was that George Eastman was the person who created the roll film and I learned that the roll film is reserved for film that is wounded up on a spool with a light-tight backing paper to protect the wound-up film. I also learned that it used to only be $1.

One effect this had on how people lived at the time, was that it provided a recored of actual events as they were happening at that momment of time. One effect it has on our lives today is that it provides us with a hobby today and provides us to explore the world around us.

The persuasive technique I chose to use is bandwagon. This will be most effective because it's drawing the readers attention and to make them want to buy the product.