Les nouvelles - 9ème semaine

Mid-term- Français 1- Mme Hansbrough

Phone number

My phone number: 770-543-9383 is a number dedicated just to NCVPS calls. Please text or call me at this number.

Mid-term Exam and Live session

The Mid-term exam is open and must be taken this week!! All assignments for Quarter 1 are due by vendred le 28 octobre. Remember that all assignments must be submitted before you take the mid-term. You may turn in any assignment from Units 1-5 but after October 28th those units be closed for good!!

Extra credit for me: Answer this question: Quelles sont les couleurs de l'automne? Text me or send me a message by email.

Bonne chance avec l'examen!

Power point for the Mid-term

I am placing the Mid-term power point on the course home page in an announcement for you to use it to study for the exam or preview it before the Live Session Monday evening.

An online source for finding meanings to the vocabulary + les dictionnaires

If you are having trouble understanding the meaning of a vocabulary word and the picture is not helping, use the following link to look up the meaning of the word;


Or just look in each unit for the last tab, after Section 3, which is Dictionary. It contains a detailed list of the vocabulary from each unit and the translation.

L'élision et la liaison

Note this link to help you with l'élision and la liaison:

Here is a link to give you more info on élisions

Elision et liaison: https://www.laits.utexas.edu/tex/gr/det2.html

Bon effort mais attention:

Remember: j'étudie- you must make the élision and then in the negative, you must make the élision with ne: Ex. Je n’étudie pas.

Remember that after the verb aimer: Ex. j’aime chanter- you must use the infinitive of the second verb.

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Les Devoirs

Semaine 9

Assignments are due by vendredi le 28 octobre.


(all work units 1-5 due!)

Contact your Teacher via text, or phone call.

Les RLC or live sessions