Mrs. Blalock's Bulletin

Class Update 2/16/16

Dates to Remember

  • February 23rd- PTO Program: 3rd Grade Performance
  • March 1st- Spring and Class Pictures
  • March 3rd- Early Release: Dismiss at 11:40am

Media Messages- Feb. Newsletter from the Library

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Thank you for a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!


In Chapter 10, students will tell time to the hour, half hour and to the five minutes. Students will solve elapsed time word problems. They will also create and write their own elapsed time word problems for classmates to solve.

Students will continue studying addition and subtraction facts by heart.

Links for additional practice to explore with your child if you like:

Language Arts

In Reading, students will show they know how to determine the central ideas and locate supporting details in a multi-paragraph text. They will begin making inferences and drawing conclusions before, during and after reading.

In Word Study, we continue to study high frequency words and spelling patterns.

  • Week of 2/16 Lesson 34 Double final consonant when suffix begins with a vowel (hopping)
  • Week of 2/22 Lesson 35- Double final consonant when necessary (thinking, thinner)

In writing, students will respond to several prompts as they practice writing a paragraph including a topic sentence, several details and a closing sentence. For President's day, students will write to the prompt: If I were President...

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we will study the physical regions of the United States. We will learn about the First Native American groups and how they used their natural resources in their region to survive.