Being Environmentally Friendly

By: Cesar S. Gabriel


Every day environment is being harmed from pollution and waste caused by our increasing need for energy and materials, but there are ways we can clean up the ecosystem to make it better for the future.
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Cleaning up Land Pollution

Landfills are one of the largest types of pollution right now in the world, affecting not only the air quality but also leaving behinds hazardous materials that can severely harm animals scavenging for food, But with a lot of effort many landfill locations can be turned into a beautiful park.

"Valley Of Ashes"

During the early 1920s in New York, a local dumping ground filled with ash piles and furnaces was widely known at that time, it was even mentioned in the F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, called the "Valley of Fire".
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Flushing Meadows park

After the world fair of 1939, the old dumping ground turned into a very popular local park filled with large fountains, ponds, gardens, large buildings for events, and even a lake where visitors can pay to row in the lake.
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Cleaning up water pollution

A majority of people rely on the water brought from lakes, streams, rivers, and oceans. Yet there are still a large number of places being polluted by illegal trash dumping, this not only affects the quality of the water but also affects the quality of life to many animals living near the polluted area.

Sunset Beach Milnerton

On September 21, 2013, over 100 students from Sinenjongo High School decided to clean up their local beach that has been polluted by years of trash dumping for coastal clean-up day. Now, the beach is a popular location for visitors and tourists, braving the cold weather and frigid rain, these students were able to make a trash dump into a beautiful beach once again.
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Cleaning up air pollution

Air pollution is one of the most prominent pollution issues right now because of how it affects so many places and so many people. This type of pollution is also the most harmful because people living in cities with dangerous levels of pollution are breathing in these harmfully contaminated air.

Beijing Pollution Crisis

Beijing is the most well known polluted cities in the world, the level of pollution has gotten so bad that people seen wearing face masks are a common sight. A person's life span in Beijing is shorter than from people living in the countryside of china. Beijing has spent £75.8 billion to improve the air quality.
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Doing your part


One way people can help with cleaning the environment is recycling, many of the items that people throw away can be reused to make something else.

Community Service

Another way we can help make the world cleaner is by helping with community services like picking up trash or landscaping. Just spending some time helping can mean a world of difference not just for the community but for the future of the community.

Starting a Garden

Starting a garden can provide a lot of benefits to your life and for the environment. A Garden not only can provide fresh natural food but can also help clean the air around your home.

Making a cleaner world

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If we work together, we can change the current image of this world, everyone from every corner of this world can do something to make things better. If we are going to live on this earth then we have to take care of it.