Settle in Connecticut

The most unprecedented colony to date!

A Brief History

On March 3, 1636 this lovely area, originally known as the “River” Colony,was founded by a Puritan minister by the name of Thomas Hooker with the help of another man, Governor James Haynes of Massachusetts Colony. Connecticut is categorized as a New England Colony, and was named for the Native American phrase, "River whose water is drawn by tides or waves." It was originally settled by the Puritans, where it remained of that religion for a long time, and was a Colony of England from 1636 to 1707, and a colony of Great Britain from 1707 to 1776

Location & Specialties

Connecticut is located in the New England Colonies region, right under Massachusetts, and in between New York and Rhode Island. New England, being the colder of the tree colonial regions, offers views of lands blanketed with snow and cozy log cabins where gentle flurries and healthy cold fresh air offer spacious living compared to the hot, dirty, cramped streets of European cities. Along with the fresh air, we offer healthier living as opposed to the humid, disease ridden southernmost colonies. Mild, if not short, summers give way to flourishing import and export opportunities. Major industries you may be interested in entering are the cultivation of wheat or corn, fishing, and fur trade, in which all can get you a very pretty penny (and more)! The narrower lowlands and hilly eastern highlands provide mountains abundant with thickets of towering trees, making timber an easy commodity to come across here, and an even easy one to get rich off of!

Unique Events & Goverment

The Pequot War was a war in which the Native Americans of Connecticut (the Narragansetts, Mohegans, Wampanoags, Nipmucks, Pocumtucks, Abenakis, and the Pequots), were fiercely defeated by the colonists of Connecticut. It waged on from 1636 to 1637. From 1675 to 1677 a war by the name of King Phillip's War (so named after Metacomet of the Wampanoag tribe, who was called Phillip by the English for his resemblance to King Phillip of Spain) was fought bloodily and bitterly by colonist against the Native Americans. This war proved to be final struggle by Native Americans of Connecticut. In 1639 the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut was created by the Connecticut River towns in order to set up it's government's structures and powers and has the features of a written constitution.

Key People

Connecticut is considered to have been founded by Thomas Hooker, a Puritan minister and Governor John Haynes of Massachusetts Bay Colony led about one-hundred people to present day Hartford Connecticut.

Reverend John Davenport and Theophilus Eaton are considered the ones to have founded the New Haven Colony in the 1660's, which was eventually absorbed into the colony of Connecticut.