Link and Learn Friday

Friday March 21


Teachers Corner- This website has several categories to browse, but the feature page is the printable, custom worksheet page. Pick from Word search, telling time, money, crosswords, suduko, word scramble, maze maker, graph maker, fill in the blank and calendar maker. Once you select the type of worksheet you want all you have to do is fill in the form with the information and wah-lah...your worksheet is ready for printing.


Moonfrye - Free, all ages. Soleil Moon-Frye (Punky Brewster) has a wonderful crafty website but she also has a fun Scrapbooking app. The app takes your pictures and allows you to add elements to the picture by theme. Themes like Mermaid, Circus, 80's...create collages with stickers, text, backgrounds.

If you want more, go here to view the website:

Just for Fun

Pick your plum - Fun daily shopping deals, housewares, womens and childrens clothing, jewelry and ephemera. Sign up for emails to have the deals come to you...