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The Story of Convection By: Star Alvarez & Elijah Rankin

The True Meaning of Convection! By: Star Alvarez

Have you ever realized convection is every where around the world! Convection is the transfer of heat through the movement of a fluid. Convection happens when thermal energy is moved through a material by the movement of heated matter. If water and air are heated, the molecules that make liquids get more energy and move quickly. Heat is a form of energy. Warmer objects move faster than cooler objects.

Convection! By: Elijah Rankin

Convection is a very difficult thing to see. Most of the time , in a liquid there is a sign that convection is happening. Warm air rises and the cool air sinks with convection. An important part of the Earth's system is convection, ocean water circulates with convection. In conclusion, convection is the most important part in society, because it helps Earth's atmosphere.