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Launch Virtual Academy - November 16, 2021

Three (3) weeks before the end Quarter 2

On behalf of Launch Virtual Academy, we want to wish you a heartfelt Thanksgiving filled with joy and peace surrounded by family and friends.

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2nd Progress Report of Quarter 2 [Progress Report 4] - Available on Friday, Nov. 19

You can check student’s progress report in your Infinite Campus Portal

Click HERE to access a written job aid on how to check Progress Reports.

On your progress report, you will see the following information:

  • Progress Report 4(YR) – This is your scholarship grade.
  • Progress Report 4 Citizenship (YR) – This is your citizenship grade.
  • Progress Report 4 Progress Total (YR) – This is the percent of the class you
  • have completed to this point.

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Attendance at Launch Virtual Academy

Attendance at Launch Virtual Academy

Attendance is a combination of the following factors:

1. Student Digital Engagement:
-Student joining LIVE Sessions in Microsoft TEAMS

-Interacting in CANVAS classrooms

-Interacting in APEX classrooms

-Meeting with teachers during office hours
2. Work completed

3. Being on Pace to complete the class on time.

Attendance @ Launch Academy

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Saturday Math Tutoring with Ms. Conchas

Do you need math support?

Click on Ms. Conchas calendly link below and make an appointment. She is available to help you the following Saturdays (by appointment only):

  • November 20th,
  • December 4th and
  • December 11th.
All appointment are virtual on MS- TEAMS. She is available from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

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Yes! You can continue working on your classes during Thanksgiving Break!

Teachers at Launch will be taking a one week break during Thanksgiving but they are setting up systems to help you continue working on completing your classes.

Do you have specific questions about your teacher/class supports for next week? Please contact your teacher(s) directly - Here is the STAFF Directory

Remember - Your Goal is to complete your assigned classes by Dec 13-17 week.

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Make One-On-One Appointments with Teachers and Counselors

To facilitate the scheduling of an online meeting with you, Launch Academy teachers and counselors are implementing the use of Calendly.

Let's meet to work together!

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We Need Your Participation

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Are you the Parent of an English Learner?/Su hijo(a) es un aprendiz de InglΓ©s?

Would you like to get involved with our school, and learn about how to help your student?

Come to a meeting of the English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC). This committee is a group of parents who come together to learn about school programs, requirements, and advise the school on how to better support English learners.

Date: Wednesday, November 17th

Time: 10am

Platform: Microsoft TEAMS

For more information, please see the school website, or contact Courtney Quinn @

Click on the link below join the meeting.

ΒΏLe gustarΓ­a participar con la escuela y aprender cΓ³mo ayudar a su hijo(a) a tener Γ©xito?

Participe en las juntas del ComitΓ© de Padres de los Estudiantes Aprendices de InglΓ©s (ELAC). Este comitΓ© consiste de un grupo de padres que vienen a informarse sobre los programas y requisitos de la escuela, al mismo tiempo dan sugerencias de cΓ³mo apoyar a los estudiantes que estan aprendiendo inglΓ©s.

Fecha: Miercoles, Noviembre 17

Hora: 10am

Plataforma: Microsoft TEAMS

Para mΓ‘s informaciΓ³n visite el sitio web de la escuela o contacte a Courtney Quinn @

Seleccione la siguiente liga para asistir a la junta.

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Launch Academy Systems

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Launch Counseling Services

Do you have questions about your schedule? Do you need information about graduation requirements? Would you like to know what classes will benefit you the most based on your personal interests and aspirations? Do you need to talk to someone?

Feel free to reach out to our amazing Counseling Team - click HERE

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Tech Support

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What Are We Working On?

  • Identifying/Hiring more teachers.
  • Identifying/Hiring tutors.
  • Scheduling IEP and 504 Meetings with students, parents, teachers, and administration.
  • Planning meetings with Parent & Student Groups (SSC, ELAC, DELAC, and DEPAC).
  • WASC Accreditation.
  • College Board Accreditation.
  • Trainings for students, teachers, and parents regarding Launch Academy platforms.

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We want to thank you for entrusting your education with us. We want to make Launch Academy a place where students can be successful based on choice, flexibility, and personalized learning.

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Dr. J. Leo Ulloa

Assistant Principal

Ms. Courtney Quinn

You can find all Launch Staff contact Info HERE