this flyer will teach you about ways to stay helthy

Nutrition is a vary important thing and if not treted corectly you can get vary unhelthy. 74 pricent of amaricans are unhelthy which is way to much in this artical you are going to teach you some ways to stay helthy.
some nutrition facts are,there is no perfect diet for everyone,artificial trans fats are very unhealthy and should be avoided,pils can never fully replace real foods,diet coke is just as bad and regular coke,2.8 billion dollars are spent on candy for halloween,nutrition labels are not always true,obisity is one of the leading causes of death,74 percent of americans are obse,amaricans consume 180 pounds of sugar per year,somme processed meat can lead to cancer.
some things you can do to help emprove your helth are. Don’t eat a lot of junk food,turn off the TV when you are eating meals,drink two glasses of milk daily,eat a handful of fruit and vegetables a day,sleep 8 hours a night.
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